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Wish Granted. NOW, In Scyez's mind, you're so uber-cute you're cool as well, though only a teeny tiny bit. And that bit just went because you're an Uber Jerk Noob Troll. Which is really an asthetic title/making it official, because you already proved all three WELL BEFORE THIS. Take your pick.

I now wish you would immediately do the only thing that could SAVE you from being removed from my friends list (Only cool, Non Uber Jerk Noob Troll people can get on that!): I wish you posted the correct stats in the GCeA Red thread, so you can finally get your thunder badge!

Oh, and JUST to make sure you're in the right...BONUSES: you're bonuses for Type DISADVANTAGES are Added to the Opposing Pokemon: Raichu gets +7 against your charizard, which is bad. IF you have the Type ADVANTAGE instead, that's Subtracted from the Opposing Pokemon (Raichu LOSES points against a Graveler, IE, which is good for you).
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