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I was stating how you were off in your battle-you put up a -7 to your Charizard when it was weak to Raichu, I could tell you were off on several calculations. Break out the calculator and put in exact numbers, and make sure you're specifying when points are being spent. Plus, LINK TO YOUR STATS. EVEN IF THEY'RE EASILY ACCESSED.

As per your stats...It's probably because you forgot about putting your other expenses with the expenses of catching/raising Pokemon, and forgot to put in occasions when your point values were added, not to mention other items you've obtained. You have to keep tallies. There's a reason why I don't do images: I keep everything nice and orderly, despite the big block of events down at the bottom.

Though, ultimately, I'd just ask Dredd directly if I were you, because you don't really know. If he says he's not telling you, just read over all your posts VERY carefully, note where costs are, and edit your trainer card appropriately as you see errors. Moreover, you should probably have your Trainer Card AND the thread open at the same time, so you can edit things the instant they appear.

Speaking of which, the hours of editing you may or may not need...That's the corruption. I'm Obliged to add it.

Now then, I wish for something awesome to occur to Markus in GCeA Red. Good or Bad events do not vary in awesomeness.
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