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Aldur An'rayi, Ailith
North of Easthaven
RPers involved: Kamikaze, CM(Menora Silvanus, Mellony Silvanus, Celestine)

"Boys believe nothing can hurt them. Grown men know better."

As the three newcomers approached, they suddenly slowed down, and after a short exchange of words, the one closest then turned towards Aldur with eerie precision, considering that he was for all intents and purposes invisible from where they stood. "Come on out. We ain't here to cause any trouble. We just want to talk, Guardian."

"So much for discretion," Aldur whispered to himself, "Aniu?"
"Most definitely a guardian." Came the, by this point, redundant reply. Aldur chose not to answer it.
Aldur walked out from his hiding place, and because the others had put aside their weapons already, sheathed his own blade once in full view. Greeting someone with an unsheathed blade meant hostility, and so far he hoped to avoid just that. As he moved towards the women, whom he just recognized as the ones he had almost run into earlier, he made a slight movement with his hand, telling Ailith to come out from another tree, still a wolf.

Moving slowly, Aldur took in as much of the scene as he could, and almost drew his blade again at the sight of the black direwolf. There were three women standing in front of him, the tallest, only an inch or so shorter than Aldur, had long black hair and carried a scythe for weapon. The second one was a blond, and the shortest of the three. The third one, who looked somewhat similar to the blond except a bit older and with dark hair, stood a few inches taller than her sister, at least that was what he assumed they were. The third one was the speaker, and standing in front of the others most likely the leader, therefore it was in front of her Aldur stopped, about ten feet away. Though he appeared relaxed, every muscle in his body screamed for action, and his casually resting hands were mere inches away from blades hidden in his clothing, though he sincerely wished he wouldn't need them.

"Aldur, Guardian of Aniu, the black wolf of balance." Aldur broke the silence, and pondered over the possibility that she had heard of his order. The order of Aniu wasn't openly discussed with outsiders, but rumors had been floating about the Underground since before Aldur had begun his work, some hundred years earlier. It is practically impossible not to be mentioned in the darker side of the world when your business is death and espionage. While entertaining said thought, he eyed the woman in front of him more closely. Aside from a number of odd details, he noticed the bow, and didn't for a second doubt her ability to use it. He also noted a pendant in the shape of two wolves, and concluded that the wolf was most likely hers. "Interesting choice of companion." He noted, giving the wolf a quick glance, this time considering the likeness with Aniu. Fate is a curious thing, though perhaps luck is a better word? He thought to himself, but silence was all he received in reply.

Meanwhile, Ailith had her focus towards the huge black dire in front of her. Despite every instinct telling her to keep her head low, she held it slightly elevated. The language of wolves is a most intricate one, and there are distinctions within it that humans can't hope to understand completely, nor replicate. As she stood there, gaze upon the dire that was as black as she was white, she kept her head just low enough as to not claim dominance, a wise move considering her slight size disadvantage, but not so low as to appear submissive and forever lose the respect of the other canine.

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