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Default Re: Hello.

Originally Posted by Obliveon View Post
Welcome! While I know you're not new to forums, everyone here is friendly so if you have questions feel free to ask. :)
Thank you, I'll be sure to ask if I have any questions.

Originally Posted by most duded View Post
Nice people lurk here. And Minty is right.
I am a nice person, so that statement makes perfect sense.

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Welcome to PE2K!

I'm Typhlosion, but you can call me TE or Corey!

There are many Pokemon fans on this forum. There are also a lot of Pokemon Related games, Trading Depots, and battlers! PE2K is chock-full of stuff to do!

If you need any help, you can ask me or any other staff member, moderator, or global moderator here on PE2K!

Have a nice ride! ;)
Woo, first mod I have talked to. TE it is then. There are pokemon fans on the forum? I am glad :D I was looking around and saw that URPG thing, that looks crazy but I am sure I will one day understand it. It just looks very complex.

I'm loving the ride already, thanks.
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