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Exclamation Re: FFtrivia

Originally Posted by Perkele
Hmmm... did you really know those answers or did you look them from the internet...?

Anyways, Ruben got 3 points!
1) WHere can you find the Dark Knight dressphere in FFx-2?
2) How many non-elemental GFs is there in FFVIII?
3) What is Cloud's second limit break in FFVII?
4) What element is Sacred's card in FFVIII?
5) Which job teaches you the ability "X-attack" in FFV?

boltAge: 1
M & V: 2
Ruben: 3
Well, lol, i didn't ^-^ I got the FFX-2 myself, and the other two i asked my friend, but i hope that's not cheating... I was just lucky he knew the answer, aha, i see you have a new ffx-2 answer, no hardy ^-^

1) Bevelle. In a treasure chest in the Labyrinth, to be correct.

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