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Default Ohai

So, I guess this is where I tell you about myself, and how I ended up and on this forum? Yes? That's how these things generally operate? Okay!

Like DowsingMCHN, I was part of the now-dead-and-buried PokemonAus (R.I.P., old friend!) I was a moderator on PokemonAus' forum. The forum, though, virtually consisted of myself, Dowsing, and a handful of other active users, so there was very little to moderate. Or I was just a lazy mod. Interpret it as you please! :D

Here are some fun facts, conveniently presented in dot-points:
  • I love formatting my posts (don't ask, even I don't understand it),
  • My favourite Pogeymans is Golduck,
  • I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Illustration at university,
  • My cat, Mille, likes to eat soy pancakes,
  • Many have suggested I will become a crazy cat lady in old age,
  • My girlfriend (DowsingMCHN) and I have created a YouTube channel for our Pokemon Let's Play videos. We're currently playing through the Fire-Red ROM hack 'Liquid Crystal.' For those interested, there's a link to our channel in my signature,
  • I am a proponent of all things which involve cheese,
  • I'm from Australia-land,
  • As a child, I dreamt of becoming neither a doctor nor princess, but a dinosaur; and,
  • Because I'm pedantic, I have to end this list with an even number of items. This is the tenth one. Yay!
A'ight, that's all for now.

It's, like, 2am, so I should waddle off to bed. Or play Zelda. Decisions, decisions!
: : :
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