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Default Re: The Egg Center (Don't post yet)


-All PE2K Rules apply
-Listen to the workers and moderators
-Don't argue or complain; you will get blacklisted
-We only give legitimate Pokemon, so don't give us illegitimate Pokemon
-Legendaries will only be offered at specific periods (eg. release of new game, etc.)
-You will only receive basic and baby Pokemon. As much as we want it to happen, we cannot hatch a Braviary from an egg.
-If you want a fully evolved Pokemon, you need to offer something good. That means no Rattata for Dragonair (Unless it's shiny and one of the workers wants a shiny Rattata)
-If you complete a lot of trades with us, you will be whitelisted. Whitelist benefits will be explained in the whitelist post.

Available Pokemon
Available Legendaries

Shun the non-believer

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