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Default Re: Moderator Applications Round 2 - Apply Now

Which board(s) are you applying for and why?

Creative Writing board: I love writing of all forms; poetry, fiction, articles, for example. It is also an ambition of mine for my future career to be that of either a journalist or an author; either way, words and pages are a passion of mine. As such, I'd like to use this passion to make the Creative Writing board a better place. I may be wrong, but it seems to be one of the more inactive boards that I wish were more active.

Oh, and my username fits the board itself. Just saying. :P

What have you been involved in/accomplished at PE2K?

I think I'll list the different boards.~

Pokemon News: I was a former contributor and staffer at PE2K, but lost the position due to my four month leave; I'm hoping to reclaim that position at the staff applications thread. I attended several of the meetings and published a few articles.

Pokemon: Interactive Centre: I am currently a Wi-Fi League official, and hope to take up my official duties once the section is re-opened. I have run many clans in my 4-5 years at the forum, and have opened several trade shops. I'm not too involved in the video gaming part of the franchise any more, however. We'll see how that changes in the future.

Role Play: I've never been involved in a role play before, but recently I've signed up for the 'Gotta Catch 'em All!: Yellow Version' role play. I'm very excited to be a part of it, and I'm hoping to improve my writing skills through it.

Creative Writing: When I was a lot younger and on a different account, I wrote several fanfics that I never completed due to lack of time and ideas. I'm hoping to open a thread in which I write small stories, poems or fanfic entries, and eventually may write a larger novel or fanfic, depending on how that goes.

Sprite Art: As stated previously, I've been spriting for quite some time. I've opened many galleries and sprite shops, and I'm hoping to do that once more soon. I've been a part of many competitions; I was the winner of Professor Geoffrey's Easter Egg competition in the year of 2010, and I came 3rd place in a Sprite of the Month back when it was being held by Speed-X.

Creative Dex Project: I am currently an approver and forum leader of the Creative Dex Project boards. Although I am not applying to this board as I am already currently in position of such a role, I wish to get the Creative Dex up and running again as I help one of the boards which will submit to it most often. Due to having moderator-like duties at this board, I already have knowledge of the moderator interface I'll be using if chosen to lead the board I have applied for.

I'd like to think of myself as a 'jack of all trades, master of none' in regards to the amount and variety of boards I've been involved in. However, I'm hoping to master the board that I've applied for.

What ideas do you have/what do you want to accomplish/change for the board(s) you applied for?

Mainly, get users more involved. Sure, it's all fine and well that users can post and work on their writing. But other than this, what are they doing? We could have:

Contests and competitions: I was thinking we could hold writing competitions, all with different themes. For example, a bi-weekly short story contest in which entrants write based on specific themes. There could be a contest for different styles of writing; fanfiction, short stories, poetry and articles; these can even be uploaded onto the main site. We could also host bi-seasonal competitions for longer Pokemon stories to be submitted, similar to what the URPG do every now and then. If activity increases, we could even host a PE2K exclusive NaNoWriMo (if you don't know about NaNoWriMo, people dedicate a month to writing, with the aim of writing a novel in a month). Users could update as they wrote, having their own threads and making a new post whenever they wrote more of their novel. Then, when the month is over, all of these stories could be judged and a winner chosen. We have all sorts of competitions for other boards; why not for writing?

Writing games and other activities: I've seen this in other boards and its proved popular; for instance, the 'sprite game' that was once held in the Sprite Art section, in which users expanded upon a sprite until it was completed. Similar games could be hosted in the Creative Writing board; I'm sure everyone is familiar with a word game in which you create your own short story with a group of people, with each person adding on three words with every contribution; a forum-wide short story collaboration, if you will. Similar games to this can be created, from story games, poetry games to simple word games. Heck, we could even have a thread where users supply a short summary of an idea they have for a short story and allow writers to write it for them; similar to how the 'Sprite Requests' or 'Image Requests and Graphic Giveaway' threads work in the art boards; writing is another form of artwork, after all. Perhaps we could even have a short story/poetry showcase thread where users post to get their work viewed and critiqued, akin to the 'General Spriter's Showcase' thread of the Sprite Art section.

More feedback: Right now, writers are limited to Fan Fic Announcements and Feedback thread or the Fan Fiction Chat/Feedback thread when it comes to requiring feedback or help with writing. I just think that these threads could use a major overhaul in terms of the help received, be it word mechanics, help with grammar and punctuation, story ideas, character concepts, anything to help with their story. Also, make the threads more specific in terms of the writing help there; it mentions fan fictions, but what about poetry, non-fiction and non-Pokemon related stories? Again, a thread similar to the General Spriter's Showcase would be nice for help with short stories and poetry. Alongside this, we could have a thread where writer's request reviews. Reviewers would then read a writer's work, and supply a review either in this review thread or in the thread of the writer. Reviewing is an important aspect of writing and reviewers often improve their own writing in the process.

Extra resources: We've only got a few guides for writing in the board. Maybe a few more could be useful?

Publicity for writers: I've noticed that writers and artists are getting their work displayed on the main site; this is a step in the right direction. I'd like for this idea to transcend onto the forums as well, mainly through the use of an 'index' thread. Basically, active fanfictions and other long stories are showcased in this thread, displaying title, author, summary and potentially a review as well. Just a place for readers to go, pick out new and active stories to read along to whilst having more information on the story they're picking. Like having a 'best-sellers' list, I suppose... Just without the selling and marketing competition.

Get rid of the Author's Corner: Perhaps the most radical of my ideas. I just think that the sub-forum serves little purpose; all of the important threads it has are either similar to threads in the main board or can easily just be sent to the main writing forum. I just think it makes the section look cluttered and unappealing, and it won't be a major loss since the board is pretty inactive in the first place. Character Chat can be moved to the main board, Ideas and Premises can be merged with Fan Fiction Chat Announcements and Feedback on the main board, Fan Fiction Chat/Feedback is unnecessary since we already have Announcements and Feedback on the main board, Interactive Adventures Discussion can be moved to the main board and then the rules for that section can be added to the main board's rule-set. Besides, the whole board mostly (and by that I mean about 90%~) contains threads about single story ideas. Why? We already have a thread titled 'Ideas and Premises' (which can be merged with Feedback) right there. It'd be like having a bunch of threads in the Sprite Art section showcasing a single sprite even though we already have the General Spriter's showcase. I just think it'd make the whole section look less cluttered and inactive, becoming easier to use as a result.

Anything else you'd like to add.

Well, I've been coming to this forum for the past 4-5 years, so I'd like to think I've got a well informed view of the goings-on around this place. As previously mentioned, I've already got some experience with the moderator interface. I'll be active, and I'm going to be dedicated as it is an art form I am passionate about.

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