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Default Re: Soul Chronicles (Chapter 4 is out)

Elsewhere within the forest, the daughter of the Elder Tenkin and Lia, Scarlett had begun searching for something, a sheep-like Pokémon known as a Mareep following her. “I don’t think we should be out here…” The Mareep complained worriedly.

“If you’re so scared, then go home…” The Pikachu spat, her tone strongly angered with the Mareep’s complaint. The two continued on stalking through the brush, voices trailing in the distance, the leaves effectively muffling the tones. “Come on…” Scarlett beckoned the Mareep with her tail, edging closer to a slightly worn forest path surrounded by thick brush.

“W-what kind of Pokémon is that…?” The Mareep’s voice held a level of nervousness that greatly annoyed the Pikachu, a faint growl escaping her maw.

“Nervousness can get you killed…” She mumbled staring at the Pokémon on the path, a dinosaur-like creature bearing a dominantly grey color, save for a few blue stripes on certain parts of its body. Spikes were obvious on certain parts of the beings body and its head bore a strange shape, as if it used that part of its body for attacking. “What is it…?” Scarlett mumbled trying her best to identify it, but another Pokémon walked into their view, this one bearing a dog-like resemblance.

“Whoa…t-that one’s…” Before the Mareep could exclaim the obvious, Scarlett placed a paw on the Pokémon’s maw, silencing it. She glanced back at the Pokémon with a silencing glare, placing a paw over her mouth, strengthening her stare.

“I can’t believe you!” The dog-like being crept close to a howl; his fur a deep dark black, what appeared to be bones on certain parts of his body along with bone-like horns protruding from his head, the Pokémon could be identified as a ‘hell hound’ to many and its mood was ‘hellish’ in nature. “We’re supposed to travel to the mountains, how could you be this horrible with maps?!” A fiery aura surrounded the angered dog.

The dinosaur-like Pokémon seemingly ignored the hound, looking up from the apparent map it was searching through. “Hmm…we could search for another target while we’re here…” The Pokémon answered slowly, glancing back at something out of Scarlett and the Mareep’s sight. “…And you should be keeping an eye on our…charge…” He explained staring back at the parchment in his claws.

The dog-like Pokémon huffed, smoke escaping his snout as he turned to whatever the other was directing to him. “Oi, use your special power!” The dog stormed out of their sight, another voice, though hard to hear, exclaimed something. “Oh please, don’t give me that…use it!” There was silence in the area for quite some time, what sounded like a bark from the hellhound gained the other’s attention.

The dinosaur-like Pokémon slowly glanced back in the direction that was out of the watchers’ view, appearing to wordlessly take an order. The ground seemed to tremble slightly around the rock-like being, which appeared to let out a slow strained sigh.

The Mareep pulled away from Scarlett, choosing to stay silent no longer. “We should run…” Scarlett didn’t appear to protest the idea, nodding silently and turning to flee, though her path was barred by multiple boulders. The Mareep didn’t wait for Scarlett any longer, fleeing out of fear, crying aloud.

“It was just some sheep!” Scarlett stayed silent, slowly attempting to creep past the boulders in her path without catching their attention. “Was that the target?!” The hound’s question was answered by the faint voice, Scarlett in her attempt to flee, caught a glimpse at what the hound was barking at.

A strange box-shaped wagon was on the path, it being supported by a set of wheels for the obvious transportation of its contents. It was basic in appearance past that, with what appeared to be ropes to pull it along, its relatively small size obviously made that easy for the two large Pokémon. There was a small opening in front, the hound yelling primarily at that spot. “What the heck are they carrying in that thing…?” Scarlett mumbled, spotting the paw of another Pokémon poking out of the opening, waving lazily towards her location, the voice still hard for her ears to pick up due to the box and her distance.

“Another one…?” The hound didn’t wait for the dinosaur’s response, spewing a ball of dense dark energy from his maw, striking the brush causing a burst of dark energy to escape. “Did I get it?!” A rash of electricity burst from the brush, taking the hound by surprise, a yellow blur darting from the spot and appearing on top of the box.

“…A Pikachu…that’s a Chosen…?” The hound scoffed at his ally’s question, spewing smoke from his maw.

“I doubt it!” He growled at Scarlett, who returned the favor, her fur standing up from the electricity darting through her body. “Just some wild…” He spat a flame in her direction, but one of little threat.

“That’s the one…” A voice escaped from the box. “It’s the one I’m sensing…regardless of how faint it is…that Pikachu is a Chosen…” It was still hard to hear, almost strained and tired, much to Scarlett’s surprise.

“I’m no Chosen!” Scarlett exclaimed, more sparks spewing from her body. “You’re looking for…”

“That is the one…!” The voice from the box cut her off much to the Pikachu’s frustration.

“I said I’m not…!?” Flames narrowly scorched her small form, forcing her to hug the metallic box, the fur on her back almost setting ablaze by the shot.

“Catch her!” Scarlett cursed under her breath, leaping off the box as the hound lunged at her.

“…I’ll watch our charge…” The dinosaur-like being said, slowly stepping towards the box, watching as Scarlett fled and the hound giving chase.

“Some Rampardos you are!” The hound howled, chasing after the Pikachu.

“I told you, I’m not a Chosen, leave me alone!” Scarlett exclaimed, once again launching bolts of electricity towards the hound, which leapt away but gave chase still.

The hound ignored her exclamation, spitting flames through the forest, scorching plant-life as his attack swept past Scarlett. “That Chosen doesn’t lie!” Scarlett came to a halt as a wall of fire blocked her path, the brush catching fire alarmingly quickly.

“Chosen…you’re telling me that Pokémon in the box was a Chosen?” Scarlett exclaimed.

“Yeah, can’t you sense each other?” The hound questioned with a casual shrug, the fire surrounding the two not even bothering him, in Scarlett’s case she was starting to sweat from the heat.

“What are you talking about? Chosen can’t sense each other…and I’m not one!” Scarlett’s exclamation only made the fire-hound laugh.

“There’s no point in lying to yourself kid…just give up!” The hound charged at her, Scarlett leaping to the side, the dog tripping her up with his long, thin tail. Scarlett retaliated quickly, launching another bolt of electricity, shocking the dog who swore in response, spewing a ball of dense darkness at the Pikachu, knocking her through the surrounding flames. Scarlett cried out in panic, believing she was set ablaze by the surrounding flames, though it barely scorched her fur.

The flames suddenly swept away, the brush taking on the scent of burning, but the flames were gone; all of it sweeping to the hound, leaving a stunned expression on Scarlett’s face. “W-what the…w-what are you…?” The Pikachu exclaimed fearfully.

The hound gave a toothy grin as the flames danced around his body. “I guess you’ve never seen a Houndoom before…have you, kid?” He questioned, creeping closer to her.

“It was around here…!” The Mareep had located some of the scavengers of the village, leading them back to the location of the small fire.

“How could you leave Scarlett alone in the first place…?” A dog-like electric Pokémon questioned, its spiked fur being blue and yellow in appearance, the most notable appearance was its mane appearing to stand up on its head. The other electric Pokémon trailing behind them appeared to be of the same species, equally questioning the Mareep.

“Imagine if Elder Tenkin gets wind of this…” The other shuddered. “He’s…vicious…” This one was mumbling nervously to herself.

“Well, let’s hurry then!” The Mareep rushed ahead, the two following quickly only to find the burnt ground before them and nothing else. “Uh…this isn’t the spot but…”

“A battle between a fire Pokémon took place here…” One of the electric hounds exclaimed, attempting to sniff the air, barely picking up on something and rushing off without a word.

“What are you…?” Neither could get their questions in, the electric Pokémon long gone.

“Scarlett!” The Pokémon, who rushed ahead, burst through the scorched brush onto the path, though the area was barren, save for the scent being stronger. “No scent of blood…but…it continues down this path…” The Mareep and fellow electric Pokémon joined him.

“Um…Manectric…?” The Mareep called to the seemingly stunned electric Pokémon, the other of the same species and possibly name, took notice to the traveling scent.

“I’ll track it…someone’s either taken her…or a predator of some sort dragged her off to their nest…” Electricity flowed through the Pokémon, a snarl escaping his maw. “There are two of them…” He rushed off as quickly as he could. “Tell the Elder of this, now!” He called back, the other Manectric taking the Mareep gently in her maw and rushing back through the brush.


Back within Din Village, the news of the event had already reached the Elder’s ears, the Manectric returning with the information. A dumbfounded look was left on Tenkin’s face, which quickly burst into anger, electricity exploding from his body. “She’s…missing?!” He exclaimed as more bolts shot through his body, accidentally shocking a few of the watching Pokémon. “I let that girl get away with too much…!” He growled nastily, his mate standing by speechless, an unidentifiable expression on her face. “And on the day Sparky leaves too…are you sure the scents weren’t from other friendly wilds…?” He tried to stay calm, but the nervous exclamation of the Manectric dashed that feeling.

“It…it was…from about…three unidentifiable scents…it was hard trying to figure if they were from the friendly Pokémon of the forest…that area has a strong smell of flowers…I’m not very experienced in smelling through that…and…I…” The Manectric stumbled with her explanation, obviously new to things to an extent and lacking confidence around the Elder in his current state.

“They weren’t friendly!” The Mareep spoke up, for some reason staying silent until now. “They…they weren’t Pokémon I’ve ever seen before…and I only saw two…but they did appear to be talking to another one…” That statement prompted the Elder to quickly run through the village, dragging the Manectric along with him.

“Lead me back there!” He yelled, only passing a glance at his mate, the two appearing to send a mental message to each other. “We will find her…!” He exclaimed. “She can’t be…” He failed to finish the statement, the Manectric taking the lead before he could go any farther.


Deep within the forest was a shrine within a meadow, this shrine was decorated with various metals, its wooden structure long since forgotten. Plant life around it appeared to suffer, stained by the rust of the metals, the once lush green flora now dingy and brown. No flower or vine would grow where metal now lay, the brown stains of rust eating away at their beauty, a single plant attempted to flourish but was unable to.

“This is…?” With a cloth covering a formerly bloody wound, a Lucario stood before the once lively meadow. “The shrine of the Forest Guardian…Celebi…” He pressed forward, the ring-like item hanging around his neck beginning to glow brightly. “Time we talked then…” He said as the ring sent out a burst of light that surrounded him, only being quelled when the Pokémon vanished.

-Chapter end-

It's been too long, I feel bad. ^^;
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