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Default Re: Moderator Applications Round 2 - Apply Now

Which board(s) are you applying for and why?
Roleplaying. I've been doing it since like 2001.

What have you been involved in/accomplished at PE2K?
In no particular order:

Well I've participated in every War RP. Not all the way through mind you, just that I've been involved in them one way or another. I was forced to drop out of some due to internet troubles, just didn't stay in some other ones due to time constraints, and didn't like others enough to actually participate but was involved in discussion of what went wrong.

I've been in every Team RP thus far, helped plan some of them, and been in a lot of Neo's RPs. He and rust planned a lot of Team RPs together, but I helped too.

I created Team DARK back in the day. I think it was for War 4? Somewhere there. Originally it was a merge with Tamer but he gave me the go-ahead and I did the team myself then recruited people. Tiana, Shen and me then did Nightstriders: Renegade Knights, NSRK, which was our attempt at a team together the following year. I wasn't that good at leading a team solo it turns out. After that it was FOES, and eventually Cullen. Midway through FOES both Tiana and I couldn't participate so Shen took over as full leader and has led every incarnation of Cullen ever since.

I started the discussion for War RP 11 this year and got the ball rolling. It was a blast figuring all of it out together. I hope we can do crossover RPs for War every year or every other year.

After obtaining rights to convert The Pokemasters Forums ASB's 009-14 Industries from the then-owner into the URPG here on PE2K, I drafted the first idea for what eventually became the URPG National Park. Although I never finished the conversion project and meant for it to be easier than Stories and more heavily focused on a single RP, Jess and her team did finish it for me. Sure it's not exactly what I originally intended it to be, but hey, starting the project is an accomplishment right?

Sometime ago I applied to Harry's idea of improving the forum, the Ministry of Innovation. It got kinda inactive after a while, and so did I. My lasting accomplishment is getting up the cool description for the RP forum that it now has.

What ideas do you have/what do you want to accomplish/change for the board(s) you applied for?
Well I don't currently have any new ideas to add, but the section has been really inactive lately with the forum dieing slowly. I'd like to help keep the RP section active at least, by helping teach people to RP. Back in the day I started the first RP Learning Facility, and I'm willing to try again with one if I could get some help. It got kind of inactive after a while and couldn't get off the ground. It didn't help that I was heavily involved in Flyff at the time and was neglecting everything (Including school, life, sleep, food, and hygiene) to play this game, but that's all over with. Sure I still play online games, but not even half to the same capacity I did at the time that I started the RP Learning Facility.

Anything else you'd like to add.
RP is my passion. I started on The Pokemasters Forums back in the day. Around 2001, which was also the time I started to learn to RP. I was in like five RPs at once for years and also reffed in their ASB. I was eventually wrongfully banned on that forum (Details available on demand, but I assure you I was not wrong) and spent a couple years as a forum nomad looking for a Pokemon Forum. I eventually found the original URPG Yahoo group and joined PE2K for the URPG. I was previously playing Over time I gravitated to the RP section and became more and more inactive in URPG, just as the first War RP was coming to an end and it was the post-point period. I helped Team Trainer a bit but was interfering with the epilogue so I stopped posting and that RP ended.

I learned most of what RP is about while doing it on this forum, and on Serebii. I am a member of both forums, but I joined this before I joined that one IIRC. My writing ability didn't really take off until I started RPing here though. What's fair, what's not fair, how long a plot should be, what rules to make, and how to write better by watching others. Mostly Neo. I really admire Neo. He's a good friend. We met one day back in the day when he was on Team Nox and I noticed his skill. I improved my skill the most by participating in War RPs and Team RPs over the years, but my skill has dulled a bit over the years, too.

I've been in many War and Team RPs and in a couple regular RPs on PE2K. All good ones. All I would have enjoyed if it had not been for Flyff. After almost losing Neo as a friend I turned my life around and stopped playing that game so much. Since being introduced to War RPs back on the Proboard with the original one, I've been coming back to the forum every year for Wars, specifically War RPs. I generally disappear once the War ends, but it doesn't have to be that way.

If I could get a job on here it will not only give me something to do in the non-War months but also I will be looking at and possibly participating in more RPs to help people learn. I would like to help the section stay active, although I would still refrain from joining too many things at once. I usually stick to one RP at a time. I don't care much for the rest of the forum. Okay maybe a little. Maybe sort of a lot. I'm a writer now. I care about RP and fanfics mostly.

In other news, I consider Sabi a good friend and I'm sure she feels the same about me. If we could be mod buddies it would be so awesome. Shen is pretty inactive now due to his life, but he's a good friend of mine too, even before he was a mod.
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