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Default Re: Introvert or extrovert?

I'm a different kind of extrovert. A social amoeba, if you will. You see, I assume different personas towards the social groups of teenaged hysteria within my high school. I'm the social butterfly; the paradigm of unexampled public exaggeration. I don't associate myself with any of the cliques, though I am somehow connected to all of them. You see, people strive for certain things from their friends, I merely manipulate these desires to formulate a connection between myself and the person -- anyone -- in question, and my singular floods of interests are therefor amplified relative to their own. This person is but a mere reflection of my true self; it is only slightly amended to distinguish myself from the others, the bores. When I'm with the jocks, my unbridled love for sports, health -- girls -- is more readily apparent. When I'm with the geeks, I portray my technological aptness, the mark Steve Jobs left on my life, Pokemon. When I'm with the ladies, my inner feminine is suspiciously manifested through my character. I am caring, and I have a conspicuous appreciation for style. The gossip? Delicious. Stacey got dumped; my metaphorical mascara is smearing.

Basically, everyone knows just a different version of me. Hell, it works.
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