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Default Re: The Used-Pokemon Dealership


Originally Posted by KantoBreeder View Post
How much for these:

[Steve] Munchlax (M)
Ability: Thick Fat
No signature move
Obtained: Mothers' and Fathers' Day Event 2012

[George] Prinplup (M)
Ability: Torrent
No signature move
Obtained: Mothers' and Fathers' Day Event 2012
$16 for Munchlax and $23 for Prinplup sound good?
Originally Posted by narphoenix View Post
Anyone want?

[WHOOSH!!] Mothim (M)
Ability: Swarm
Obtained: Here
Signature Move: None
I'll give you $19 for him.
Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
To my understanding, the Pair of Pokes obtained from the Mothers+Fathers Day event were sellable for thirty dollars. I'll sell the Illimuse AND Volbeat as a pair for 30 dollars, and 15 individually. Also, the Igglybuff will go for 16 (1 buck under price at the adoption center), but I'll take reasonably lower. Anyone want 'em? I got them all from here, in case you need to know.

Queen (Female Illimuse)
Tinted Lens
Sig Move: N/A

King (Male Volbeat)
Sig Move: N/A

Quetie (Female Igglybuff)
Cute Charm
Sig Move: N/A

EDIT: If I'm in the wrong place for this, please let me know now.
$30 for the pair (or $13 separately) and $14 for Igglybuff. Seems reasonable to me.
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