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Default Re: Digital l Urban | Spirtomb



[Mrs Thousand Spirits] Spiritomb
Ability: Pressure
Health: 96
Energy: 90
-2 DEF.

[-] Joltik
Ability: Compoundeyes
Health: 82
Energy: 92
(Compoundeyes- ACC +1).

The tiny bug began to get antsy (no pun intended). It was afraid of its formidable opponent and wasn't quite sure how it would take it down. It decided that its best option now was to try and shut it down without having to use its force. The bug shook, and sent a charged electrical current from its mouth. It hit with precision along the crack within the Spiritomb's rock. Mrs Thousand Spirits was not happy that the movement of spirits had been messed with.
[Thunder Wave; : -6 Energy | Paralyzed]

Without the movement of spirits through it it did not seem like she could get enough power to complete an attack. She tried to shake her stone in order to get the souls it wanted, but it was worthless in its efforts.
[Nasty Plot; : Paralyzed! -2 Energy]

The shaking of Joltik allowed it to store static electricity in a special organ inside herself. She was able to channel this energy into a beam of energy which she shot out from her mouth. The flash of lightning cracked as its charged particles hit the Spiritomb.
[Thunderbolt; : -15 Energy | -8 Health]

The Spiritomb was able to strengthen itself enough to perform an attack. It's eyes began to glow and around the area of battle it seemed to dim, as if a cloud passed over the sun. The Joltik began to take short steps backwards and shake its head furiously. She was try to get rid of the the dark thoughts that were bombarding her mind. It seemed to her as if they were taking over and forcing her to do damage to herself. The force seemed to soon die out and Joltik was freed from the pain.
[Dark Pulse; : -6 Energy | : -18 Health]


[Mrs Thousand Spirits] Spiritomb
Ability: Pressure
Health: 88
Energy: 82
-2 DEF. Paralyzed (-6 SPD).

[-] Joltik
Ability: Compoundeyes
Health: 64
Energy: 71
(Compoundeyes- ACC +1).


1- Attack.
2- Attempt capture.
3- Use item.
4- Flee.
5- Exit zone.

You have 22 Safari Points left.