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You bite another snivy and become more famous and richer than me? Neither makes sense...Is it just me, or have ALL of us turned into Pokemon at least once? And was that famousness and richness applying for any specific time scape? Because I got Celebi here, she's not seeing this occuring beyond that particular instant. Or maybe it's a Meme where you're more rich and famous?

Whatever, doesn't matter. Wish Granted, but you're still under my complete command (I own ALL the Snivies), and not to mention you're the Serperior equivelant of Napolean Bonaparte, only you really ARE short (Napolean actually was of average height)...And again, all you and your followers live forever. And you're both sexes and have to lay eggs that contain 100 snivies that are all immortal and don't have the wishe's particulates and whatnots and you have to lay at least 15 eggs (You don't get a say in this), and now you're den is packed with Snivy. And that applies for all the Snivy your Serperior commerades have to bear. And I'm still in control of ALL of them. I can make my HOUSE out of Snivies at this point. :P

EDIT: DARNIT, Ninja'd big time.

Whatever, wish granted, but I add my corruptions to your prior wish. And the Pony's killed because of the money on it's back.

I wish another random javelin appeared in midair in Ohio. Where MGS nor all of his Serperior/Servine/Snivy buddies currently are.
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