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"If we could fly then perhaps we could get there in time. As it is, we sense the force so clearly because itís so large, but it still appears to be a decent distance away. Traveling on foot certainly wonít get us there in time."

The girl had a point, Menora noted. Flying would take up less time than just running there, even with Nero already in champion level and running full speed. All could reach ultimate, but Nero was the only one to be able to reach mega. Nix once reached that level, the same time Nero first became BlackMetalGarurumon, but has not been able to reach it again. But would it be forth it, revealing this information? The elder Silvanus sibling did not think so.

"Nix and Stiria can digivolve and carry us," Mellony said, but only loud enough for Menora to hear. Or so she hoped.

"I know this, but even so they could only carry one at a time. And Nero is already BlackGarurumon. If we did that it'd take a lot of energy out of you and too much time trying to get back to get the rest of us," her older sister replied. "No, if anyone will carry us it would be Kain. In ultimate form he can fly most of us there in one shot."

"But still it be best if another one reaches a form that can fly then that takes some of the load off of Kain," Mellony argued.

Menora shook her head before turning to the other tamer. From the corner of her eye she could see Kain staring at her, as if asking if he really was going to digivolve. She knew that the BlackGuilmon would rather not go back into Ultimate form, but if needed he would. She could also sense Nero nearby, having moved in closer to them. But he was still well hidden, even with his white strips. She then motioned to the digimon next to the other woman before speaking.

"Can he digivolve into a form that can fly, or would you need a ride?" she then asked, curious and wanting to learn a little more about the pair.
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