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Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
granted, but the salad shaker swallows you and shakes the spine out of your back

i wish i had the crown, the philosophers stone, the talisman, the goblet and the sword from atari,s sword quest
The salad shaker? Uhh...I wished for a salt shaker.

Granted, but I get two of each. Plus, all of the artifacts you have (not mine) curses you: The crown allows anyone to mind-control you, the philosopher's stone turns anything you touch with it to granite but anything anyone else touches to gold, the talisman makes you unable to understand or speak anything but a completely-made up language that changes entierly each second, the goblet makes you only capable of drinking filthy and contaminated water and doesn't purify it, and the sword drains your life away unless you stab yourself.

I wish for a pepper shaker to appear in Ohio.
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