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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG] - Book Two

In a roar of flames, I shot forward, halting when my face came within an inch of his. My burning hate for him suddenly welled, and I felt myself wishing many awful things upon his pitiful existence. My heart rate increased, my breathing jagged, and I bit down with such pressure that I thought my teeth might split. The rise of exaggerated ire was like a rotating fireball in my chest, spreading through my body and fuelling every action that followed. “Don’t you DARE use that on me!” I thundered, his face lighting up with orange illumination every second or so words, searing flames bouncing around in my mouth and singeing the air in front of my teeth, only to dissipate and be replaced shortly after. It danced in horizontal streaks as my head moved in a fashion to invite such behaviour. “You do NOT have the right to tell me what to do with my emotions!”

Using every inch of my strength, I resisted erupting with fire and lunging at him with bared sharp teeth. I felt my legs quaking with the desire to stretch out and quench their extreme desire for blood, for his punishment. Breath entered my nose and exited again with uncategorised fragmentation while my ears pricked their air with their elongated stiffness. My head, swimming with mad sorrow and lividity, pounded with this need and with that, mostly the desire to direct my heated hate to unleash it and thereby be done with the problem.

I blocked out all reason as I focused solely on what I wanted at that moment: some kind of rightful justice for his careless words, and with great shame, I felt myself wanting unwarranted closure. I wanted to avoid all this conflict, even if my rage spoke out contradictorily, and with a random spark of something I couldn’t identify, I thought closure would give me peace. If he could somehow, in some way, provide me with it, then I would have been grateful. Reluctantly so, but grateful nonetheless. The thought angered me; I didn’t want to condone his reckless behaviour. He had no right to say those things. He needed to be taught a lesson.

“Did you ever consider,” I spat, scorn soaking my words as I forgot the momentary gap in my anger, “how much she meant to me? Do you not realise that she was my best friend for years?” The raging tornado inside me twisted and clambered its way to the fore of my thoughts. “How can you not see why this is affecting me? Are you that blind?” My head began to tilt, my anger twitching my nose. “Do you not know what that’s like?!” The flames still seeped between my teeth, light flickering between us as my gaze jumped between his two eyes. “Or are you that insolent, that shameless that you have none to lose?”

I obviously struck a nerve when, as the fire tested the air before my mouth, I notice his face change in the disappearing dim light. He didn’t look enormously offended or affected, but the result was good enough, and from there I planned to work; planned to dig up his core and lacerate anything that gave him internal comfort.

Interrupting our ‘discussion’ was a set of pawsteps in the distance. With no more than another few seconds to determine, it became clear that they were closing in on us. It was difficult to estimate any sort of detail, but I knew that it couldn’t have been a heavy foe, one who would have broken the earth in its effort to chase its prey.

The fuming odium still burning brightly in my chest, I faced the direction they would be coming from—where we had come. The houndoom did the same, and I watched as I could hear them near. Deciding fast and in the midst of my anger, I charged up a flamethrower, eyes clouded with anger. These cave dwellers wanted to interrupt somebody’s conversation? They could interrupt someone else’s. It frustrated me to no end that such a situation was suspended for interruption.

Constricting my stomach muscles and exhaling with more effort than a normal breath would take, I fired a powerful stream of flames, ones that whipped about and illuminated the path to both sides, as well as partway into the path cutting across; we had just come from the right of the intersection, left when we were travelling the path and turned onto the one we resided on now. The fire hammered the ground, flames gushing in multiple directions as the fire seemed to separate where it met with the earth to snake its way to another victim.

I had no idea what the houndoom thought, but for some nonsensical reason he probably disapproved. Frustration riding my tone, I waited, listening for any sort of change in pace of the pursuers. However, I soon came to realise that listening while expelling a long line of flames was not exactly efficient or really that possible, so I cut it off, only realising as I did so that I was fairly out of breath. I panted; it had been a reasonable effort.

The pawsteps had not subsided, but they certainly sounded more controlled. To my annoyance they kept coming, and I shot a glare to the houndoom, who clearly couldn’t see me with the absence of fire, our eyes not accustomed to the dark. “Can’t you use your brain and give us some light?”

It went unsaid that I had exerted enough energy, both in previously lighting our path and now because of the defence I was clearly willing to uphold, as opposed to his...nothing. He hesitated, but probably realised I was right and spurted a flame from his lips, keeping it at the end of his muzzle. In response, I prepared myself, only a few metres from him and more from the tunnel we had been in and come from, and kept my head low.

There were familiar shouts which suddenly reached my ears, my legs losing their formation. It took me a moment to realise what was happening and who it was when they burst into the tunnel, catching me off guard in my moment of contemplation. “...Azure,” I commented to myself with a perplexed frown, my anger beginning to somehow quell. A quagsire appeared behind her, the last few steps of his ridiculous two-limbed run displayed as he stopped beside her. I finally registered, remembering Habib’s word about the other pokémon that were supposed to be accompanying me.

She said nothing as her eyes settled on me before quickly switching to the houndoom. I knew she would want to know who on earth he was, but I really had no desire to explain. If he wanted to her to know, he could tell her himself.

Without warning, the flame died out. Nothing lit the tunnel as the houndoom failed to relight his fire, and with a constant rumble, I began listening. Something told me that he was not keen on meeting with others. The noise of tiny shuffling met my ears from my right, and instantly I pounced, crashing into something larger than me and skidding across the rocky earth. Quickly I allowed flames to circle in my mouth, as if I was about to spit a fireball onto his face, and watched as he cowered beneath my dominance. He sighed as Azure commanded Splash to situate himself beside me, probably in an effort to warn the fire and a dark type with a pokémon who had two elements he was weak to at his disposal.

“Alright, alright,” he sighed, and I watched him make an odd face of discomfort but acknowledgement for his imprisonment.

Slowly I climbed off him, allowing him to get to his feet. I kept the rotating fireball in my jaws, mostly for light, and waited for judgement. When none came, and the dual type merely locked eyes with the glaceon, who tossed the short branch she had been carrying onto the ground. Without another moment of hesitation, I spat my fire at the stick and watched as it lit up. Azure instructed the quagsire to hold it, as his paws were most suited for carrying such things.

“What the hell are you doing?” I needed not remind him that he had made a break for it in the direction both we and the newly arrived had come. “Retreating? You still have to guide me.” I lit a flame between sentences to ensure he knew I was serious. Something told me he didn’t plan on escaping while the quagsire stood in front of him. “You run at the sight of a glaceon?” I questioned incredulously with an appropriate hint of mockery. It was quite amusing that he found a pokémon of a type he was strong against to be frightening. It certainly didn’t appear as if he began to flee because of the quagsire.

He exhaled again, clearly unhappy to have been caught. “Alright, Azure,” he began, and I recoiled in surprise, blinking repeatedly as I flicked between the two.

‘They know each other?’

The glaceon remained silent, and I turned to her, momentarily forgetting the collar I needed to keep clamped around the houndoom’s neck. “What’re you doing?” He spoke quite casually, agitated and partially suspicious.

“I was instructed to accompany Dusty,” she answered, her voice steady and her stature trying to come across as authoritative. I had a feeling she was only attempting to keep her cool, but at the same time wasn’t going to lose it with ease. I could tell she wanted to question him on his motives, but something held her back. He seemed to have some sort of invisible control over her.

“Habib’s lapdog, I see.” He narrowed his eyes, giving her a greasy sneer. “From one to another, hey? And yet you still can’t remain loyal—”

“Shut up, Zaion,” she snapped, and I was caught by so many surprises that I wasn’t sure which was the most confusing. My head and his rotated simultaneously, our eyes exchanging an unspoken gain of knowledge. This was the first I had heard of his name, and somehow it felt weird. It was then that I noticed confusion had taken the place of my anger. Not entirely, but a decent amount.

“Will someone tell me what’s going on?”

Silence filled the cave as the ice type glanced away, a frown pasted upon her face. Surely she could have scented him on her way to us, so if she hadn’t wanted to encounter him, why had she come? Perhaps...Zaion...was wrong, and her loyalties lay with just one leader. His statement had confused me; what on earth had he meant? ‘Loyalties? Is it that Azure belongs to anther colony and hasn’t told Habib? If so, that wouldn’t be hard to correct, and I doubt Habib would even be against the idea.’ I considered the possibility that this houndoom’s definition of loyalty was something as simple as that, whether the one she was meant to remain loyal to minded or not.

Nobody wished to enlighten me as Azure trudged scornfully past, Zaion watching her as she went. I too followed her, but returned to the fire and dark type to shake my head in question. He barely responded as he got to his paws and stood, signalling with a flick of his head for us to continue. The quagsire sat complacently, a smile plastered upon his face as he held the torch tipped with fire.

“Um...what do I do with him?” I asked, mainly directing it at the glaceon.

“Splash, come,” she commanded dully, not making an effort to turn her head as she spoke. She continued on, head low and tail drooping. The water and ground type happily waddled in her wake, surpassing every one of us in height. The thought of having a large pokémon like him, probably ruthless when instructed and of two types that I, like the houndoom, was weak to. I made a mental note to stay on his good side.

Tossing my head questioningly at Idiot...or Zaion...I shook my head lightly, still confused and asking silently for answers. He merely exhaled and padded past me without any degree of hastiness, and I was left to stand in place, wondering how this had managed to turn into such a strange situation. I hardly knew what to think.

Scowling, I turned away, following the others further into the cave and hopefully in the right direction.

Aaaaaaaand that's the end of that chapter! :D Hope you liked.

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