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Default .:The Pe2k PokeMafia:. [Open]

You grip a tiny fragment of crumpled paper in your hand as you walk down a deserted and seemingly innocent alleyway. This little slip of parchment made its way into your pocket this morning, and the address scrawled across it left you curious. As well as the message:

“I’m interested in your talents...Come see me….”

“… I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

That’s all you have: A hastily written address and the somewhat snarky message from a stranger. Despite everything that tells you to stay away from this place, you decide to venture there anyway. Perhaps you were looking for something to do with your life? Or you were simply bored? Well, you can’t turn back now. You’ve just found the door.

You press your ear to the dirty and decaying wood, expecting to hear footsteps, voices, some sort of life. But there is nothing. Still, you venture forward and push on the handle. It’s open, and swings inward on well-oiled hinges. A dark staircase awaits you, leading down into…well, you aren’t sure. A basement? A torture room?

Apparently your instincts aren’t working today, for you take your first few steps down the stairs almost in an instant. The door swings shut behind you silently as you make your way down into the cool basement. You hit the final step as your eyes begin to adjust to this new darkness. A figure is standing not too far ahead of you, three massive forms surrounding it. A soft chuckle echoes around the cavernous room as the lights slowly flicker to life to reveal your surroundings.

“Well, you took your time, didn’t you~?”


.:Welcome to the Pe2k PokéMafia:.



Anyway. Welcome to everyone who has stumbled upon this little place. We are the Pe2k Pokémon Mafia, or just the PokéMafia for short. I am the Head Honchkrow here. As you can probably see from this little avatar and name floating above my head, my name is 5TailedDemonLizard. But that’s a mouthful. Call me 5Tails or Meg. That’s IT. Got it? Good.

Now that you’ve arrived, you’re probably wondering why I left you that note earlier today, right? Well, you’re valuable in one way or another to me, and I need to build my little organization some way. So, you’re going to help me with this whole “World Domination” thing, and you’ll have some fun doing it. What, you thought I was going to be a stuck up and serious mafia boss? I really came off that way?

Huh…I need to work on that.

However, I do have some rules. If I catch you breaking any of these, I’ll have the Krookodile brothers throw you out.


1.) All Normal Pe2k Rules Apply
2.) Be polite to your fellow members, courtesy is a good thing.
3.) Enjoy yourself, please!


You probably want to get in here now, don’t you? Well, go ahead and write down some information. It’s nothing too personal. Just so I can get to know you. Just to let you know, the police aren’t too keen on us hanging around here, so I’ll lend you a pair of my bodyguard Pokémon. Try not to make them angry.

Sign Up

Username - Nickname: (What do you want us to call you?)
Skills: (Are you good at spriting, fighting in the ASB, writing? What?)
Favorite Pokémon: (You need a companion, after all. Any pokemon will do.)
Trainer Sprite: (If you have a premade one, that’s great. If not, go ahead and pick one from the games)
Why do you want to join?: (Any answer is perfectly fine!)
Other: (Are you a moderator of any of the forums? Tell me that in this section! I might contact you if we want to host a contest or something. Or just general info about yourself you wanted to share.)


Usually we just hang around here and have fun. Since WAR is going on, we probably won’t initiate any sort of contest in the near future, but we’ll hang around! Show off your skills here too. Got any sprite artwork you want to show? Maybe we’ll have an inter-Mafia contest to get the good competition vibes going. You guys need to be ready to conquer the world, after all. Post here with any suggestions you have for us. We’re open to everything!

No, seriously. We are. We’re one big happy family here. Discuss Pokémon news, sprites, writing, some battles in the ASB. Anything! This is for fun!!

But remember.



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