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Aldur An'rayi, Ailith
North of Easthaven
RPers involved: Kamikaze, CM(Menora Silvanus, Mellony Silvanus, Celestine)

"The enemy of your enemy may indeed be your friend,
but only a fool would blindly trust such a person.
The wise man knows that trust grows from friendship and mutual respect."

There were no words able to describe Aldur's relief when he noticed Menora relax at the mention of his Guardian. She had heard of the order then, he concluded.

"Menora, Guardian of Omen," She replied and put a hand on the black canine's neck. "He has been by my side for as long as I can remember. I completely trust him."

"Omen, eh? You didn't by any chance arrange this, did you?" Aldur thought as he relaxed considerably.
"Coincidence, fate, luck, who can really tell the difference?" Aniu mused, answering the question with another question.
"You, most certainly, but I guess you're not gonna tell me either way..." Aldur replied as he walked closer to Menora, briefly looking at the dire and slightly bowing his head, I mean no harm to you or your companion he tried to signal, as he reached out his right hand, offering truce. "Then today there will be no fighting."
I didn't know you spoke such a civilized language. We'll make a wolf out of you yet. Don't you worry." Aniu said, and he wasn't quite certain if she was mocking him or being serious. Aldur just realized that she was just as bad as he was himself, and the thought almost made him chuckle, though only a faint smile made it to his face.

"Now, now, no need to hide, darling," The scythe-wielder said as she looked at Ailith. "It's rare to come across druids nowadays in the open like this, but I can assure you that we won't turn you in."
"Must you always be so straight forward?" The third companion said, obviously annoyed by the comment. The only reply she received was a smirk, one that told Aldur it wasn't the first time the subject had come up.

Ailith sat down, started to blur, and then the shape changed into a formless substance that seemed to be something between a liquid and a gas, before resuming her human form. When the blur disappeared, in place of the wolf was a crouching woman, dressed in a white robe, and hair as white as the wolf's fur. She waited for a moment, trying to shake the wolf out of her head, then she rose to her feet, her blue eyes gazing upon the scythe-wielder.
"They are not as uncommon as one might think, if you know what to look for. Most have long since forgotten their humanity however, and will live out the remainder of their days in whatever form they had become too attached to. My name is Ailith." She then turned to Menora, "It is quite a companion you have there, I have met direwolves before, but none his size, and none that earned my respect quite so easily. You can count yourself lucky to have him by your side."


RPers involved: Kamikaze, CM(NPCs: Agana, Alexa Silvanus), Eternal Moonlight(Amber Greenwood), Brainiac(Corbin Smythe)

"Knowledge is power, yet knowledge is willingly shared, while power is rarely so."

Darios was on his way to Agana's Inn when he saw her with another red haired woman, a fairly good-looking man, and a little girl that he thought he recognized, though he wasn't sure. He had witnessed so many children grow up during his life that he had lost track of them. The irony in it did not pass him by. But it had been his idea, and in the end his magic that had powered the ritual, and it was far too late to change that now, almost a century later.

Realizing that Agana would most likely be occupied for a while, he decided to wait until later. He had come to the Inn in the hopes that she had arrived in time for the games, and his guess had proven correct. If anyone knew what was going on with the mages around the kingdom, she should be the one, or at least know who to talk to.

Since he had nothing else to do, he decided to sit down at one of the tables at her Inn and order a drink. He was a patient man, and though the topic he wished to discuss was always on his mind, he could wait another few hours if need be.

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