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Default Re: .:The Pe2k PokeMafia:. [Open]

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
Username - Nickname: Winter
Skills: Role-playing, creative writing, drawing (by hand), voice acting, coming up with random ideas, and making sense/connecting things in the oddest ways
Favorite Pokémon: Gardevoir
Trainer Sprite: In the process of attempting to recolor.
Why do you want to join?: World domination? Sounds fun.
Other: Not a mod of anything, but I seem to have a knack for coming up with good ideas.

I think I know why you were getting different names--the generator give you different names based on if the first letter is capitalized or not--Dredd wasn't capitalizing, Grace was.
You're accepted! I'll add you to the front page.

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Butt Ugly Joe....that makes me feel worse..LOL. Wait a second, i was in something once as a gangster. Id like my name to be changed to Joey the Shark.
I'll change your name!

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