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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [SU/DS][8/9] One Spot Left

Shorter sign ups being accepted is kinda refreshing in a way. Gonna take the X Pokemon because it seems those are unobtainable except by being a starter. It's still super short compared to what I usually do, although you did say short is fine. I wish I was feeling more inspired than this, but as of now this is the shortest sign up I've ever done. I'm sorry.

Name: Akira Hinomi
Gender: Female
Age: 15 and a half going on 16
Class: Dark Mage
Specializations: Weak Telepathy and Telekinesis, as per the trainer type
As a modification to the schoolgirl look, the shirt is a low cut U-neck with very visible skin in all the right places and she wears a blue-black cape down to her ankles
Personality: Akira is socially awkward and keeps to herself. She is shy, completely contrary to the way she dresses. When she does get to talking, she somehow manages to be sarcastic sometimes. She is often pessimistic and unsure of her abilities.
History: Akira was born to a family of Psychics. As a child she was able to move spoons, small objects, and guess with 60% accuracy what somebody would do.

In school she was bullied a lot because she was different. Not proficient with her abilities, she couldn't use them to defend herself against the many forms of abuse she suffered from the other children. She never really learned social skills or how to behave around others because whatever she did the kids would just throw things at her or stick her head in a toilet.

In high school the abuse pretty much ceased but Akira couldn't make friends or get to know people very well. Her parents taught her the ways of their little order of "mages" and she hoped she could eventually work up to getting back at the world for having mistreated her. If anybody tried to get on her bad side they would pay. Just as soon as she figured out how.

It wasn't until this experiment was announced that she even got a Gastly from her parents after being chosen for the trial.
Start Pokemon: Trixie the Gastly, Female.
Other: N/A
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