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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Name: Jovi
Age: 13 (assuming she was about 10 in XD)
Gender: Female
Appearance: A little older than the last time many saw her, Jovi has since grown out of her white dress and double-buns. Now, she can often be seen running around wearing a long-sleeved, white scoop-neck shirt, whose neckline and the ends of her large bell sleeves are edged with blue ribbon. Along with her shirt, Jovi wears a pair of faded shorts that go to a little over her mid-thigh and white boots similar to the blue boots she wore when she was younger, in the aspect that they cover her legs entirely and end somewhere under her shorts. Her bright blue hair, which is the exact same color as her large blue eyes, falls straight down to her shoulders, and she has since traded in her buns for a pair of miniature ponytails, though she is rarely without a cheerful smile on her face and at least a faint blush on her cheeks. She carries her pokeballs and things a smaller than standard backpack that’s only a few shades darker than her hair and covered in her own handwriting in black and silver marker.
Personality: While Jovi can prove to be annoying at times, she is a lot better than she was when she was younger. A very friendly and outgoing girl, Jovi will talk to just about anyone who will listen to her and talk back about almost anything. You want help with anything? Ask Jovi and she will gladly assist, as these days she aspires to be a hero, just like her big brother, and takes pride in doing whatever she can to fulfill that goal. She’s the kind of person who will take the time to try to see the good in anyone and everyone, and it often earns her friends just as much as it can land her into trouble that she often does a good job of getting out of with the help of her Pokemon friends. That being said, she loves her Pokémon friends and taking the time to play with them once in a while as well as adventuring with them—something she now has a bit more freedom to do since she’s older and has the Pokémon to do so.
Home World: Pokémon (Orre Region)
History: Jovi grew up as the youngest of two children in a Pokemon research lab in Orre. While her older brother, Michael, was off doing his own thing and rarely took the time of day to play with her due to the gap in their ages and difference in genders, Jovi made her own friends and got into a lot of trouble as often as she could. The lack of many other children in the research facility led to her developing her many childish eccentricities, such as referring to herself in third person and treating her older brother as though he couldn't live without her. This also led the child to get out and discover her own way around and to things, such as the lab at Dr. Kaminko's house, where she spent much of her time playing among this that were probably quite dangerous, though she had her electric Pokemon, Plusle and Minun, to keep her safe from most things and seemed to enjoy making life harder for Kaminko's assistant, Chobin. Unfortunately, one day, after Michael went out to Kaminko's lab to bring her back home to the research facility, Jovi and her brother returned in time to see their family friend and research lab head, Professor Krane, kidnapped. Insisting they continue their work on the project they had been working on before Krane's kidnapping to purify shadow Pokemon, Jovi went with her brother to get a final machine part the scientists of the lab needed to complete the project, where she accidentally bumped into a shadow Pokemon-toting thug who threatened her, however a kind old man had one of his bodyguards protect her. It was then that Jovi realized that she wanted to be as strong and dependable as her brother, and decided she was going to devote her life to becoming a hero like her brother was when Michael defeated the leader of Cipher and brought back Shadow Lugia to be purified.

When the worlds combined, Jovi and everyone else at the lab was aware that there was and had been some kind of powerful disturbance going on for days, though it was concluded that it was most likely something between a few legendary Pokemon and would go away soon. Jovi had just stepped outside with Mini and Maxi to go train when a blinding light seemed to swallow the world and she eventually woke up in a strange new place, confused and surrounded by not only familiar people, but many people she didn't know as well. Slowly, Jovi and those she did know began talking to those around them they didn't know, only to find out that many of them had come from other worlds and didn't seem to know what had happened either. They shared information about Pokemon and the strange new beasts that had appeared, eventually deciding to create a new research lab in the area where they had been transported, which Jovi and her Pokemon helped build, and then took to teaching some of those from the other worlds about Pokemon and how to capture them, as well as how to become great friends with them while also learning about the many worlds the others came from.
Link: Darkrai

Name: Cissnei
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Appearance: Cissnei is one of those women who seems like she's a workaholic or overly serious, considering the fact she used to be, and often is still seen wearing a full black suit and boots in spite of the fact she now lives in a smaller, more agricultural-based town. Standing in at 5' 10" or so and lean-bodied, Cissnei is definitely not small or weak, and carries herself with an air of dignity. Wavy and curly reddish-brown hair falls a little past her shoulders and her messy bangs often fall into her kind brown eyes, which seem to proclaim that Cissnei has seen her fair share of harsh things in her life. Night and Marten have also seemingly conspired to make a normal woman out of her yet, and she can sometimes be seen wearing simple t-shirts and jeans from time to time as well, typically when she's out working in their garden.
Personality: Cissnei is one of those people who often seems intimidating with her often initially serious attitude, but in all truth, she's a fairly warm and kind person, which is a bit surprising when you learn about her past. Wary of anything related to governments or big businesses, she doesn't trust people quickly or easily, and is constantly scared of the idea of the people close to her getting hurt or dying, and though it isn't nearly as bad now as it used to be, threatening those close to her will result in her attempting to kill you, no questions asked. However, provided you get off on the right foot with her rather than the wrong one, Cissnei can become easy to think of like a sister. She's tomboyish and tough, often displaying a liking for sarcasm and teasing, but if you're down, she's not beyond trying to help make your day better. She's also unfortunately a bit socially awkward, though Night and Marten are trying to help her through it, along with her pokemon and those who live in the town with her. She has a particular dislike for red leather and reacts oddly to hearing the name "Zack" mentioned, not to mention there are a few she thinks of like family beyond Night and Marten though she may not talk about them very often.
Home World: Final Fantasy (Officially appears in VII: Crisis Core)
Warning, the following may contain spoilers from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, read at your own risk...

Another warning, a fair bit of this is guesswork and taking from some of "her" (Shiruken: Female) history from Before Crisis, which I haven't played, as well as slight editing to accomodate the OCs that follow.
Cissnei was pretty much raised by Shinra Electric Company as a whole. She was picked up out of an orphanage at a young age and trained to be the perfect tool for the company, built up to join a small and elite group within the company, known as the Turks. She her upbringing was mainly handled by the man she considers as her main father figure--Tseng. Early on, she was provided the false name Cissnei to go by and told to go by no other name; at this point, very few people aside from Tseng, company paperwork, and Cissnei herself know her real name, though she had been planning to share the secret with Zack Fair, a SOLDIER member who had become a close friend to her. She was taught just about everything she knows by someone somewhere in the company--filing paperwork properly from secretaries, how conduct business properly by some of Shinra's best businessmen, how to operate a handful of firearms from various Infantry experts, the list could go on for longer than one might imagine, but that's how it was done, and implanted in it was also the idea that everyone could be an enemy, which led to a bout of severe paranoia when she was younger that ended up getting worked out by her future teammates and those she took lessons from. Early on, she got lost navigating the building by herself at one point and stumbled into the Infantry's section of the building, where she met Marten, who scared her at first, not that she allowed her fear to show, before he kindly gave her directions to where she needed to go and then took her there when the directions seemed to be a bit too much for her. It was this act of kindness that led to her friendship with the older man, whom she then began to visit on a regular basis, thinking of him as a sort of "mother" figure since most of the women in her life acted far from motherly. It was his habit of patching her up after a particularly rough round of training and his love of braiding her hair that had Marten branded "Mother Hen" of the Infantry, not that he cared much--he enjoyed having a sort of adopted daughter to play with every so often. It was through Marten that Cissnei met Night and began considering him as a "brother" of sorts. A few years after her adoption into Shinra Electric, Cissnei was made a member of the Turks, and given the distinction of the youngest joining member, though her mental age was above that of even some of her coworkers. Specializing in the use of a single large shiruken probably wasn't the smartest move she made, but for most opponents it wasn't hard to defeat them with...well until they started using guns.

Cissnei met Zack Fair of SOLDIER during an attack on the company headquarters in Midgar by SOLDIER First Class turned rogue Genesis and his copies, which were assaulting the building, aided by company mechanized weapons that shouldn't have been able to be controlled. He attempted to come to her rescue after being cornered by three copies outside the building, but was stopped by her coworkers Reno and Rude, followed by Tseng, who kept him out of it long enough for her to dispatch the copies by herself before joining their conversation. Briefly interrupting to chat and tease Zack before running off to continue eliminating copies, Cissnei found herself in a rather sticky situation when she came to face a copy with a rather large gun, who managed to shoot her shiruken out of the air and embed it in the sidewalk, leaving her defenseless before Zack came to her rescue. However, before he could finish to copy off, it sprouted a single wing and attempted to fly away and Zack cut it down in the process. Seeing his conflicted expression while looking down at the copy, Cissnei offered up the fact that she had wanted wings as a kid herself and seemed to snap him out of his odd mindset in the conversation that followed. They became fairly good friends after this, seemingly to catch each other on coincidence time after time, and often stopping to chat when they did. That all changed, however, rather quickly when Zack, as well a whole group of Infantrymen and famous SOLDIER First Class Sephiroth went on a visit to Niebleheim. One day, she found herself e-mailing him out of boredom, the next she was standing in front of Tseng, being told he had been killed in a freak incident in Niebleheim that had left the town burnt to the ground. While the loss hurt, she convinced herself that the best thing she could do was forget and move on, something she managed to do with some success, and lived on for the next four years like nothing had happened.

Of course, that was when she was given the assignment to track down two "specimens" that had escaped from the lab in the Shinra mansion in Niebleheim. Upon tracking down the escapees to a beach not too far away, the Turk was greeted by what seemed to be a ghost from the past, as Zack had not died in Niebleheim after all. Upon learning Zack and another were her targets, inner conflict led her to attack the man who had once been her friend and then let him get away when he knocked her shiruken out of the way, only to track him down again and promptly call Tseng and tell him her targets had escaped with Zack standing in front of her and hand him the keys to the motorcycle she'd taken out to the location. They crossed paths again while she was in Zack's hometown, shortly after talking to his parents and telling them their son wasn't really dead. It was the last time she saw him, and she had no idea it was going to be that way, otherwise she might not have teased him so much about his parents (particularly about a certain answer to a certain question of theirs) and her last words to him wouldn't have been "Not my real name," tossed over her shoulder as she walked away. It was only days later that she was tasked with saving his life by finding Zack and the other fugitive (a Cloud Strife, if anyone is familiar with him? XD); a task that she ultimately failed, and it to say she was hurt again would be an understatement. No--Zack's death at the hands of the Shinra Infantry because she and her comrades could not find him in time devastated her. While she did a fairly decent job with attempting to cover up the scars it left her with and continued to work with the Turks, circumstances eventually ended with most of the Turks breaking apart from the team and going into hiding, and she was followed by Marten and Night, who were unwilling to let her go off without them; especially the way she was at that point. However, it was not very long afterwards that the worlds joined.

The last thing she remembers is stepping out her front door to the world being swallowed by white and thinking that it was some kind of new threat. When she woke up to her house gone, Night and Marten not too far from her, and surrounded by other strange people, Cissnei had no idea what to think. Eventually, after talking to those around them, Cissnei and the others discovered what had happened, and while some large cities had begun to form and there was a new military building up, Cissnei had no desire to return to the kind of life she had had previously and so she and her "family" stayed with those they had woken up with and developed a smaller, agricultural-based town where she and the others learned about the Pokemon of those from some of the other worlds and taught them about the monsters from their worlds. Unsure of how to live without fighting, the trio signed on to become part of the town's protectors--a fairly slow job, though a very much needed one at times, and Cissnei often spends her time now on the lookout for threats and most of her spare time is spent either training her Pokemon or learning how to be somewhat normal, often in lessons headed by Marten or Night.
Link: N/A
Other: She's known for packing a pistol and a rather large shiruken called Rekka (In her hand here; also a decent full-body shot of her), which she often compares to looking like a bike tire.

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