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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
*Walks in and slams half-finished SUs down* Actually, technically you could consider Jovi and Night done, but there will be histories added in later.

Name: Jovi
Age: 13 (assuming she was about 10 in XD)
Gender: Female
Appearance: A little older than the last time many saw her, Jovi has since grown out of her white dress and double-buns. Now, she can often be seen running around wearing a long-sleeved, white scoop-neck shirt, whose neckline and the ends of her large bell sleeves are edged with blue ribbon. Along with her shirt, Jovi wears a pair of faded shorts that go to a little over her mid-thigh and white boots similar to the blue boots she wore when she was younger, in the aspect that they cover her legs entirely and end somewhere under her shorts. Her bright blue hair, which is the exact same color as her large blue eyes, falls straight down to her shoulders, and she has since traded in her buns for a pair of miniature ponytails, though she is rarely without a cheerful smile on her face and at least a faint blush on her cheeks. She carries her pokeballs and things a smaller than standard backpack that’s only a few shades darker than her hair and covered in her own handwriting in black and silver marker.
Personality: While Jovi can prove to be annoying at times, she is a lot better than she was when she was younger. A very friendly and outgoing girl, Jovi will talk to just about anyone who will listen to her and talk back about almost anything. You want help with anything? Ask Jovi and she will gladly assist, as these days she aspires to be a hero, just like her big brother, and takes pride in doing whatever she can to fulfill that goal. She’s the kind of person who will take the time to try to see the good in anyone and everyone, and it often earns her friends just as much as it can land her into trouble that she often does a good job of getting out of with the help of her Pokemon friends. That being said, she loves her Pokémon friends and taking the time to play with them once in a while as well as adventuring with them—something she now has a bit more freedom to do since she’s older and has the Pokémon to do so.
Home World: Pokémon (Orre Region)
Link: Darkrai

Name: Cissnei
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearance: (picture or at least one paragraph)
Personality: (at least one paragraph)
Home World: Final Fantasy (Officially appears in VII: Crisis Core)
History: (optional but recommended; can just state important events. I don't need a novel)
Link: N/A
Other: (anything else you wish to add)

Name: Dominic Marten
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Appearance: (picture or at least one paragraph)
Personality: Marten, for being such a large individual, acts like a mother hen to anyone and everyone who will let him. His job working in the Shinra Infantry has kept him from settling down and getting a wife, so he doesn’t have any children—the one thing Marten would love to have—and Marten tends to “adopt” anyone younger than him who stays around him long enough because of it. He’s a great friend to have, warm and kind, with endless patience and a knack for patching up wounds, as well as a secret talent for braiding hair. He has particularly taken to Cissnei and Night, as he has known Cissnei since the company took her in when she was younger and Night was assigned to his squad/section upon first entering the infantry, though he has an even larger soft spot for younger children. As a sort of “veteran” of the Shinra infantry, Marten has a rather keen set of eyes and ears, and would readily use them to put himself in front of harm’s way to save one of his “adopted children,” friends, or group members, should he work in a group. He isn’t a bad leader, though you will find that he won’t advocate himself for the job, opting suggest candidates instead, until he is left as the only option, and once made leader, will do anything to keep his group safe, even if it means aborting a mission because he would rather take a chewing-out than see members of his “family” get hurt.
Home World: Final Fantasy (VII)
History: (optional but recommended; can just state important events. I don't need a novel)
Riolu-Female-Diva (Her fur appears to be various shades of pink in color rather than blue and black)
Link: N/A
Other: Still carries his Infantry-issued submachine gun, and isn't afraid to use it if he has to.

Name: Night Westerly
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Most people are surprised to find out that Night was a member of the Shinra Infantry—one of the best shots there, believe it or not—mainly because of his size. Night is small for his age, and always has been, really, leaving him at about 5’ 4” which often looks odd when he stands next to Marten. This is only worsened by the fact that he is incredibly scrawny—he looks as though he hasn’t been run through drills and exercises over and over again the past few years and people are often surprised to see he is stronger than he appears. Many tend to be under the impression that Night is younger than he is as well, with his cheerful gold-rimmed eyes and wild, often haphazardly spiked black hair and wild dusting of golden freckles on fair skin giving him even more of a childish appearance. He seems to have taken a liking to civilian clothing, though it closely resembles his old infantry uniform, wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt with the sleeves pushed back to his elbows as well as a pale blue scarf wrapped loosely around his neck. With this, he wears a plain pair of blue jeans tucked into brown boots, as well as brown leather gloves on his hands. While most guys his age wouldn’t be skittish about losing their shirts, however, Night won’t let anyone see under his due to being a little shy about a rather large scar that stretches diagonally across his torso, though it’s also the only scar he has that he worries about—and he’s got a good few.
Personality: Night is one of those guys who just doesn’t slow down—not for anything at all. He is almost ever-cheerful, full of energy to burn, and looking for something to burn it on. He’s incredibly friendly and easy to talk to—provided his typical close proximity to Marten doesn’t scare everyone away. He has kind of adopted Marten’s family views and will look after anyone in his “family” to make sure they stay safe—particularly Cissnei and Marten, whom he views like an older sister and father. He is quite kind to the Pokémon he has taken in, and enjoys his new life in this new world very much, as he is no longer working for Shinra, where lies and half-truths were likely to get him and every other member of the Infantry killed. He’s not interested in impressing anyone in the slightest, however, as he is bashful about the large scar on his torso and rarely talks about his ability with guns anymore, as his experience in the Shinra Electric Company’s Infantry was not a wonderful one.
Home World: Final Fantasy (VII)
History: (optional but recommended; can just state important events. I don't need a novel)
I'll wait to accept all of these at once, so just let me know when you're done since you're already on the reserved list.
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