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Default Re: Drawn/Graphic Art Submissions

Okay, Gallery #8 is up.

Originally Posted by Speedy G View Post
Artistís Name: Speedy G
Artist Link: |

DowsingMCHN wouldn't take no for an answer, so here I am submitting my work! :P

Me: "But all my Pogeymans stuff is--relatively--old!"
Dowsing: "Noooooo, I like theeeeem! Please? [bats eyelids]"
Me: "'Kay."
  • Title of Art: Comet Punch
    Link to Art: Here

  • Title of Art: Perish Song
    Link to Art: Here

  • Title of Art: No, Scraggy. Give Tron his Pants Back.
    Link to Art: Here
Originally Posted by 5TailedDemonLizard View Post
Title of Art: Treecko Gijinka
Artist's Name: 5TailedDemonLizard
Link to Art: Here you go!


Link to DeviantArt:

I'll include these in the next one!
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