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Default Pokémon: Conifer [SU/DS]

Pokémon: Conifer

/\Special thanks to Eternal Moonlight/\
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Nobody knows why or how it happened, but things in Conifer, Colorado were never the same after the night of June 26th, 2012. That night, a total solar eclipse occurred, completely unanticipated by the scientific community. During that night, the people of Conifer were exposed to something. Over the coming years, people would blame that something on everything from aliens to the government to pollution to God, but whatever it was, it changed people. Most of the citizens only received enough to make them spend the next day sick in bed. But a few got a large enough dose of that something to alter their genetic structure.

After the eclipse, these unfortunate souls began manifesting powers and abilities that were only dreamed of before. A young girl began to grow scales and breathe fire. A man suffered a heart attack because it couldn't support the two extra arms that had grown out of his shoulder blades. Animals also suffered from odd mutations, but the human cases were what attracted the most attention for two reasons. First, because those who were affected by these changes were often young adults and teenagers who had their whole lives ahead of them. More importantly though was the severe psychosis that developed in the vast majority of the altered humans. Their inner passions, grudges, and obsessions were all magnified and they began to use their powers indiscriminately to achieve petty goals like killing their bullies or stalking someone they liked.

These cases were analyzed by multiple government agencies and it was decided that the Department of homeland Security would send agents to Conifer to detain mutates before they could do any more harm. A few others heard of the strange events in Colorado and traveled to Conifer for their own reasons.

What is often forgotten when hearing the story of the eclipse and Conifer is that life goes on. People still go to work, kids still go to school, the few agents in town are well undercover, but people are still manifesting powers. Some of them are becoming violent psychotics, yes, but others are just kids scared of what these changes means for them. And no one has realized that there is an odd connection between the manifestations and a certain popular video game franchise. Our story begins on the first day of school, two months after the eclipse...

Your Role
Who are you? That's much more your question to answer than mine. Are you mutated or unaffected? Are you a Conifer native or a recent arrival? There are many paths you can choose. Maybe you're the parent or friend of one of the altered humans or perhaps one of the agents looking for them? Are you a mutate trying to find their place in the world, or one trying to control it?
It's your world, I just brought you here.

This RP is not like others
  • First of all, you can, no, are encouraged to sign up as multiple characters. Not everyone you create will need to have a major role, but may be a recurring character such as a friend or family member who plays a part in the story larger than that of a mere background character.
  • In order to reflect the very small percentage of mutates in Conifer’s 13,000 inhabitants, only one of your characters may be one.
  • During the duration of the RP, sign-ups will always be open to new characters.
  • You may only sign-up as maximum of three characters.
  • You may have noticed that the story is not as developed as the situation. This is your RP, the decisions and conflicts between your characters will shape the events yet to come.
  • On that note, there is no need to squeeze every one into one plot point. I hope that this RP will be more like a TV show than a novel, and one characteristic of television is that, no matter whether it’s Buffy, Dallas, or Battlestar Galactica, there are always subplots and overarching developments and themes.
  • Also, for a Pokemon RP, there is a shocking lack of Pokemon. In this story, there are no trainers, no coordinators, and no breeders. There are only regular people who have had their DNA fused with that of a Pokemon. To make a long story short, nobody is going to know the difference between someone using Flamethrower or Fire Blast.
  • No God-Modding
  • Bunnying is only acceptable when permission has been given by the character’s owner.
  • Please keep the language and situations PG-13. If it wouldn’t be allowed on a major network during primetime, don’t do it here.
  • Quality posts are what everyone is looking for these days, and this RP is no exception. Check the spelling and grammar. Length is nice, but not at the cost of the English language.
  • You are vehemently encouraged to use this thread or other forms of communication to plan and discuss with your fellow RPers. Plan for the future, but be ready for change.
Name: (Your character’s legal name, along with any nickname or aliases.)
Birthday and Age: (Keeping in mind that the RP starts on August 26th, 2012.)
Are they Mutated?: (A simple yes or no will suffice.)
Appearance: (What does your character look like, physical traits, style of dress, and such. If you have powers, that changed your appearance describe them, but remember that, unless the DNA of Ditto or the like was bonded with you, you cannot shift your form from mutate to normal.)
Personality: (What your character is like and how they act. If they suffer from any psychosis brought on by being altered, this would be a good place to explain the effects.)
History: (The story of your character’s life before the RP begins. Include what they were doing during the time of the eclipse and if they have already manifested a power, how it happened. Manifestations are most common during periods of great stress.)
Your Character’s Relationships: (Unlike many stories where people are being brought together for the first time, the characters in this RP will benefit greatly from having histories with other characters already. Conifer is a small town so your characters may have regularly interacted. You can include as many as you want, but I’m requiring at least two existing relationships with other people’s characters.)
Other: (Anything else you want to add about your character. A song that represents them, where you see them in the future, any inspiration you had when making them, it’s all fair game.)
Altered Subsection
Pokemon: (What Pokemon’s DNA is combined with your own?)
Abilities: (What powers does your mutated state offer? Any natural ability of the Pokemon is fair game, but avoid abilities that don’t occur in wild Pokemon. For example, someone with Machamp DNA could have four arms because that is part of being a Machamp, but would not be able to breathe fire, even though Machamp can learn Flamethrower by TM. Less is more in these situations, the more abilities you give yourself, the less control you’ll have.)
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