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Default Create A Dungeon!

Are you a creative mind? Have you ever played the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, and thought it would be neat to construct your own unique level? Well, then this is the place for you! Use the below format to share some of your own creations with us.

Dungeon Name: The name of your dungeon.
Amount of Floors: How many floors does your Dungeon have? In the Mystery dungeon games, it is typically from just a few to just under a hundred. Also include possible relay points (Kangaskhan Rocks), and the floors afterwards.
Pokemon Encountered: The Pokemon that appear on the floors, and which floors they appear on.
Terrain: Whether or not there are special tiles, such as lava, water, or chasms.
Restrictions: Possible limitations imposed before entering the dungeon.
Boss: Whether or not there is a boss battle at the end of the dungeon.
Notes: Anything else you'd like to add that doesn't belong in any other category.
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