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Default WAR XI Official Thread.

Hey guys. c: Jenn the 3m0d0ll here and I'm going to be this year's WAR judge for the ASB. Battle hard, guys, and make us proud! :D
Thread/WAR Rules:

* All PE2K Forum rules apply; no SPAMing, flaming, or trolling (I will win).
* You do not have to be an ASB member to participate.
* You will receive ASB money for every battle you win. If you register for the ASB after WAR, this money will be added to your account upon approval.

Battle Rules:

* You will be randomly assigned a different Pokemon each week you participate, whether you’re a current member or not.
* The Pokemon you will be using will be PM’d to you. PLEASE keep it a secret. :c
* Each week, there will be a new TBA theme.
* You can only battle players on other teams for WAR points.
* This is a Tournament-style WAR, meaning that there will be a total of four battles (eight players) going on during the first week, then the four winners will battle each other for a spot in the final round, which will take place over the last two weeks of WAR.
* The first four opening battles will be two-Rounds each and the winner (if both sides are still able to battle) will be determined by which Pokemon’s Health-Energy average is highest.
* During the second week of WAR, the semi-finals will be a total of three Rounds and the winner will be chosen by the same methods as above.
* Finally, the final battle between the top two competitors will be held over the final two weeks of WAR and will be five Rounds long. If both Pokemon are still able to battle after these five Rounds (if their Health and Energy are greater than or equal to 1%), then we will again find the Health-Energy average to determine this year’s WAR champion.

Point distribution:
* The WAR Champion will receive 4 points.
* You will receive 2 points for winning a battle, excluding the final Round (that winner receives the previously stated 4 points).
* 1 point for participating. This is guaranteed to every participant, but will not be doubled up with battle-won points. Meaning that only the four participants that never advanced will receive this point.

At the end of each week, a Ref will post in this thread saying who won. For example, the battle between player A and B finished. The Ref will post saying something to the effect of, “A won their battle between B.” and will link me to the battle thread.

Battle pairings will be posted here as such: A of Team X vs. B of Team Y. This is also how their battle thread will be titled, along with a [WAR XI] prefix.

Week I: Pokemon that learn Flamethrower via TM.
Week II: Yellow Pokemon.
Week III-IV: Stage 1, fully evolved Pokemon from two power-tiers (not released).
Please post here ASAP so I can message you your Pokemon. If you fail to post by 8 P.M. Pacific Standard Time (-8 GMT) on June 23rd then we will replace you with an alternate.

Good luck guys. 8D
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