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Default Re: The Pokemon Development Facilty [OPEN]

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
OK, I'm really abusing the half-off discount offered to the first five different customers here.

My Froslass will take the IQ Test.

Pandora (Female Froslass)
Snow Cloak
Sig Move: N/A
Tutor Move: N/A
Adopted from the Adoption Center.
Evolved at the Evolution Dojo

Old Ability: Snow Cloak
New Ability: Moody

OK, Hear me out on Moody. I do not question it's status as THE most broken ability ever made by Nintendo. In the games, it is THE most ridiculous Ability ever, and it's almost meme status how Arceus fears the Moody Bidoof (Well, it's not really a meme at all yet, but...FEAR THE MOODY BIDOOF!). However, there are a few things you have to consider before you completely deny it with me right now.

First off, it's Snorunt's Dream World ability, meaning I could have just gotten a Galice and carted that off to the Dream Center to get a Moody Pokemon. Second off, as the ASBL counts every move on a Pokemon's Smogon page as legal, that means that some of the problems everyone normally has with these kinds of things is pretty much null: Chip Away ignores defensive stat boots and Aerial Ace/Shock Wave/any other Never-miss move can easily screw with evasive stat boosts, all the while still having the high-end moves. Third is the fact that Moody's boosts can easily hinder Froslass moreso than help her early on considering lady luck is involved-If her defense/evasion is a lowered stat, a Pokemon with high attack/a really powerful move that misses a lot can come in and defeat Froslass easily. Finally...Froslass seems like the type of Pokemon to have mood swings. OK, the last one was lame. But still.

Please consider.

Lat, it costs $17, not $8...

Anyway, fix your payment and your twelve hours will start. The Snorunt thing would probably have been enough to convince me on its own. :)
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