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Default Re: Which country do you think is the most civilized

[stereotype mode] Well, considering that America is a nation of obese right wing gun nuts who drive terrible cars on the wrong side of the road and can't spell colour correctly, they should be immediately discounted. [/stereotype]

In all seriousness though, I've generally found that each country has pockets where attitudes can vary greatly, for example France is generally a very polite, friendly place, except for Paris where the locals are some of the rudest people I have met.

Conversely, Britain can be civilised when we want to, but we also have the tendency to do very stupid things. (Following America into Iraq, Electing David Cameron, Putting up with the Royal Family) I suppose that our long history contributes to our attitudes in a way, as it does throughout the majority of the world, with North America & Australia being notable exceptions. (They do have a long history, but most of it has been eradicated by British rejects)

Although, personally, I'd say that any country that doesn't allow Equal rights for all genders & orientations as well as freedom of Speech & Religion (Even as an Atheist I think it's important) shouldn't really be able to call itself civilised.

In which case, we're pretty much looking at the Netherlands as #1.
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