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Default Lost In Darkness

Why am I always left out?
Why can't I be just like her?
The girl who has everything she desires.




Ghost Girl
The boy (his name would be revealed in the story)
A doll named Taura

Hope you enjoy ^^

Chapter 1
I'm lost in darkness. I don't know who i am or what i have to do. I'm just a lonely shadow trying to peep into the light. But i know i don't belong there. But i always sit by and see children running around playing. That makes me feel lonely. I live all by myself with no family member or friends. But one day a little girl dropped a little doll. The doll's face is pale as if it just got painted in white, it also has bright blue eyes which are so blue i wonder if it's an eye at all, the doll also has a pretty red dress with satin and velevet. Then i look down at my dress it's just white, plain white, my dress has tiny shoulder straps, on the collar of my dress is a pale lilac bow which flutters in the wind. Next i compare my eyes with the doll's. Her's is a pretty dark blue but mine is kind of a dull green. After that i compare my hair with her. Her hair is a perfect blonde with a bit of brown here and there. While mine is a nice sea green colour. I always tie it up into a perfect ponytail using my favourite elastic band. My favourite elastic band has two tiny golden bells which ring when i move my head or if the wind blows. I love this doll so much i named her after her dark blue eyes which reminded me of the ocean so her name is Taura...

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