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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

RPers involved:
None (yet)

Mistress Rose, you must come. You are not safe here.

The girl seemed dazed. She was small, only 8, and after a few seconds Suhail gathered her up in his right arm, leaving his left free to hold the bloody sword. The chair had only gotten him through the first dozen men, and he had been forced to use a sword in order to keep any kind of speed. He could have just used his hands, but incapacitating people that way took far too long, he would have had to kill indiscriminately in order to maintain pace without a weapon, and he wouldn’t do that.

He hurried through the halls, making it clear to the front door before meeting anyone able to stand. A guard walked in just as they were about to reach the door.

He instantly settled into Wind Stance – It would be most effective while wielding the blade with only one hand. He couldn’t set the girl down, the guard was too close for her to properly avoid the danger he presented.

The man gave a shout and drew his own sword hurriedly as he saw Suhail holding Rose. Suhail was already attacking, tears streaming down his face as he removed the man’s sword-arm with a quick upward arc of the blade, then slamming his temple with the hilt. He collapsed, blood gushing from the arm. He would die of blood loss in minutes if he didn’t get help.

Suhail ran out the door into the waiting street where a small group of guards had begun to form. The three Suhail had incapacitated very first were still on the ground. They hadn’t yet awakened. There were seven total.

Please,” Suhail begged through his tears. “Please don’t try to stop me. I don’t want to hurt anyone else.

The only answer was the rasp of steel as seven blades were drawn from their scabbards.

Again Suhail thought of using the Soul Blade. He could incapacitate these men in moments by simply killing their legs or arms. A Soul Blade could slice through a limb without killing someone, but the limb itself would die as completely as though it had been severed at the hip or shoulder. They wouldn’t bleed, so they would survive. There would be too many questions.

He set Rose on her feet and stepped in front of her, his body tingling as he allowed himself to feel his Force Magic, to breathe in the knowledge of the energy contained in motion all around him. He could use it to keep an eye on the child while he fought, to make sure she was still safe.

He raised the blade above his head and stood in Stone Crusher stance. It was much more effective at battling a large number of foes wearing armor. They rushed him with a coordination born of discipline and practice. He swung at the first man coming, shifting the blade at the last moment to avoid intercepting the man’s own sword, instead bringing the blade smashing into his left ankle. The man dropped to the side, tripping another on his left in the process.

Without slowing his motion, he sprang through the gap in their advance the fallen man had left, stabbing downward into the thigh of the second fallen man as he did so. Neither of them would be able to give chase. Sword high, he turned to the right at the next closest man.

He had been quickest to turn around after Suhail had moved behind his assailants. Another downward swing smashed the mans sword hand with the flat of the blade while Suhail’s motion pulled him into a roll after slamming the hilt of his sword into the man’s right foot.

A slice took off another man’s leg at the knee while Suhail stood out of the roll. Suhail snatched that man’s sword right out of the air as he dropped it to grab his leg, then Suhail turned to the three remaining men. He moved into Mantis stance, holding the two blades before him pointing downwards as though his wrists were the joints of a pair of pincers.

He stabbed one man through the arm and gut simultaneously, then turned and launched his pair of swords through the air at the two remaining men. Both were impaled in their right thighs, and as they fell to the ground Suhail leapt forward and stabbed the blades completely through their legs and into the ground, pinning them there like insects on a board.

He grabbed the sword of one of the fallen as he hurried over to Rose. The battle had lasted barely more than a minute. The trails of tears rolling down his face had gotten filled with dirt as he rolled across the ground, and he looked more grief-stricken than ever. Rose was numb with shock, and she almost tried to run before he picked her up. She buried her head into his shoulder and began sobbing as he raced off towards her home, her face hidden behind a curtain of midnight colored hair.

Minutes later, he halted in front of the home of his Master, hurrying up to the door and shouldering his way inside. Master Thaylen and his wife were in the front room, and Rose let out another sob as he placed her on the ground and she rushed over to her mother’s open arms.

Master Thaylen looked him over, taking in the blood, the dirt, the sword, and the tears. His face paled in realization of what had just happened.

Master," Suhail began, "you can no longer stay here. It is not safe. You must leave the city.

“How many were there Suhail?” His voice was a hoarse whisper.

Too many. I have done a terrible thing Master, but we must leave. It will all be for nothing if you do not leave!

Suhail was still crying, his tears had washed a line through the dirt on his face as he had run Rose back to his Master.

Oh, I am a monster.” Suhail whispered as he sunk to his knees. There had been thirty-two men. Five were dead already, he knew. Half of the remaining would be lame for life if they survived. If they stayed any longer, Suhail knew there would be even more.

Please, Master. We must leave, before there is more fighting. Too many have lost their lives already for this thing.

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