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Aldur An'rayi, Ailith
North of Easthaven
RPers involved: Kamikaze, CM(Menora Silvanus, Mellony Silvanus, Celestine

"If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane,
though laughter is far from enough to keep insanity at bay."

"I do. He is not merely a pet, He's my friend, companion, partner, and most importantly family." Menora said with a smile.

"Probably because you two grew up together after Father gave Nero to you." The blond woman commented.

"Now then, I believe it's time Sweetness and I introduce ourselves," The scythe-wielder spoke up, before Menora could reply. "I'm Celestine Dearies. Pleased to meet you."

"My name is Mellony," said the blonde, then added, "I'm Menora's Sister."

"Pleased to meet you." Aldur replied, looking at each of them in turn, before turning his gaze back at Menora and her wolf.

"Are you two heading in any certain direction?" Menora asked, after introductions were properly out of the way. "We're headed to Skyspire to meet up with someone, and on my and Nero's part, to take part in the Games. If you are heading that way, we can travel together."

"Well well, how about that for a coincidence?" Aldur replied, though his wry smile proved how little he believed it a coincidence, this time however, he didn't even bother asking his beast. "We're headed there as well, and I see no reason why we can't travel together. Perhaps you can fill me in on this whole thing about being a Guardian, Aniu seems to be amused by telling me things way after I need to know them, why not make use of this lucky encounter?" The last comment was so saturated with sarcasm that Ailith burst out laughing behind him.

"You find this amusing?" He asked Aniu, while giving Ailith a quick glance.

"Yes." Came a unanimous reply from both, after which the Ailith, having calmed down momentarily, let out another laughter, which almost made her fall over.

Aldur only shook his head, let out a sigh, and wondered if the three women knew what had transpired, or if they just stood there, staring at a pair of lunatics. Then, for the first time, and probably not the last, he muttered those futile words. "Why me?"


Agana's Inn, Skyspire
RPers involved: Kamikaze, Eternal Moonlight(Amber Greenwood), CM(Agana Lilith), Brainiac(Corbin Smythe)

"What difference one tiny word can make, if spoken to the wrong person."

Right after he had spoken, he noticed Agana heading towards his table, and before
"Darios, you do realize how that sounds, don't you?" Agana teased, while handing him his drink. "I have many friends, dear. And you know how my close companions would take what you said and take it out of context."
You take it out of context well enough on your own." Darios thought, but before he could reply she had already turned towards the other woman.
"Is there anything I can get for you, deary?" She said, as Darios noticed the man that had accompanied them earlier make his way towards the table.

“Mind if I sit down?” he asked as he took a seat, making his question reduntant.
After looking at all of them, he said “I have a bit of a confession to make. I’m a Mage, and that is probably the least remarkable thing about my life at the moment. On top of that, I am something of a novelty for being chosen by one of the Sacred Beasts to help guide the world through the terrible conflicts it now faces."

Agana looked startled, for good reason, and as she looked around in the room Darios followed her gaze, not liking what he saw, knights, and a lot of them.

The man continued, seemingly oblivious of the danger that he was getting them into. “Agana, I know you are a Mage, and I have my suspicions about the two of you as well. I have been tasked by Feng-Huang with motivating the Mages to prepare for the struggles Drakon will bring. I am to see that we become a free nation before the closing of the games.”

With the knights now looking at them, Darios contemplated what would bring the most attention to them, the man continuing, or he hitting this talkative lunatic over the head hard enough for him to fall unconscious. He didn't have time to make up his mind before the choice was made for him however.

“We have a perfect opportunity now, with the games taking place, to make this happen without dramatic loss of life, if we do things right. We were given these abilities for a purpose, and that purpose most certainly wasn’t to hide from the Monarchy while humanity is subjugated to the whims of a single jealous God. We need to stand up, to unite while we still have a chance. If we don’t, this world will lose its chance."

By now, every inch of his being was shaking, and it took all of his self-control not to strike the fool down on the spot. Starting an uprising, regardless of how few the casualties, was fundamentally against his own beliefs, and regardless of how successful the revolt would be, there would be war that followed, and what a war it would be.

"This is dangerous, difficult material to consider. I would not think less of any of you if you decided the risks were too great. But I know that, together, we can do this." The man continued, and for a moment Darios wondered if he was drunk, or if he always so casually blurted out these things in a room full of prying eyes, and ears.

"So, who’s in?” He concluded, finally going quiet.

Darios could see Agana say something to the man, in low whisper, and when she was done, she looked so furious that he almost thought she was going to rip his head off there and then, and he felt that he would gladly have helped to hold him still while she did so. Instead, she took a step back, then headed for the bar and poured herself a drink.

By now, the only people in the room were the four mages, and one of the knights who had stayed behind, sadly she didn't look to be one of the drunken ones. As she was approaching the bar, and Agana, Darios turned towards the woman whom he had spoken to earlier.

"I'm sorry if you misunderstood my comment earlier, I was merely trying to be polite. It might be best to head back to your room, before things here turn ugly. " Darios rose from his seat, bowed slightly towards the woman, then he turned his gaze, now burning with flames so intense that they could scare even the most veteran warrior. "You...If you ever pull a stunt like this again, and put me or my friends in harms way, I will see to it that your head is no longer attached to the rest of your body." He put his hands on his two scimitars that still hung at his belt. "I would advise you to get out of my sight, quickly, and if anything happens to Agana, you'd better be out of the city within the hour, because I will hunt you to the ends of this world and beyond if that is what it takes to end your life."

With those last words, Darios turned away before the man could reply, and though he wasn't proud of his little speech, he was closer to snapping in this very moment than he had been for almost a century, and an enraged Darios with his blades in a flurry and the air around him sparking of magic was no pretty sight to behold. Instead, he carefully eyed the remaining knight as Agana greeted her, and realized that he would rather not fight this knight, the captain no less. There was an aura of authority and absolute respect hanging around her, and as he stood a respectable distance away, though close enough to eavesdrop, he firmly held the handles of his still sheathed scimitars, dreading the need to utilize them. Suddenly he realized that she had sent all the other knights away. Did she plan to handle this herself, or had she sent them for more backup? As these thoughts crossed his mind, he remembered the little girl that had been with them earlier that day. Where was she now, was she still in the building? While the thought strengthened his resolve it did little to soothe the feeling that there would be combat before anyone would leave the room. But for now, all he could do was wait, as he had so many times before.

((OoC: Sorry about not posting earlier, I was going to last night, but since I was away all day, I was tired when I got home. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out though.))

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