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Default Re: sammy0295 | Mountain | Vaporeon


[Vapor] Vaporeon (F)
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 14%
Energy: 15%
[-1 ACC, Aqua Ring]
Toxic ~ Chill


[-] Archen (M)
Ability: Defeatist
Health: 100%
Energy: 82%
Leer ~ Wing Attack

Archen was unhappy. He had called down the power of the mountain itself on this Vaporeon, and it still wouldn't go away? Absolutely unbelievable. He flapped his wings and lifted into the air, his eyes beginning to glow red. He shot Vapor a menacing glare, a glare that was positively loaded with hate and rage. Vapor cringed, feeling a bit weak at the sight of Archen's anger. It passed a moment later, but the feeling of weakness still lingered.
[Leer: Vapor, -1 DEF; Archen, -2% Energy]

Vapor shook her head. She could not allow herself to become distracted. She had failed to use this move the last time, but she was determined to get it right now. She opened her jaws, feeling toxins and poisons swirling together in her guts. Before long a pile of repulsive purple sludge bubbled up from her maw, flying at Archen. The archeopteryx let out a squawk of shock as the toxins soaked his feathers and penetrated his skin. He glared down at Vapor with renewed hatred.
[Toxic: Vapor, -6% Energy]

Now it was time for vengeance. Archen flew up even farther, gathering momentum. He then pointed his big red beak earthward and flew down with remarkable speed. His clawed wings glowed white with power; he slammed them into Vapor's flank as he flew by. The Vaporeon hopped back, letting out an angry snarl. Her battered body did not react well to the Archen's attack.
[Wing Attack: Vapor, -8% HP; Archen, -6% Energy]

Speaking of her battered body... Vapor really needed a rest. She curled up, her stiff joints not entirely willing to bend. She closed her eyes, trying to relax as much as possible. Slowly her vitality began to come back, and even as it did the nimbus of water droplets around her seemed to speed up, spraying more of the healing H2O onto her short, sleek blue fur. It wasn't much, but the combination of Aqua Ring and the Chill made Vapor feel just a bit less likely to collapse on her paws.
[Chill: Vapor, +6% Energy]


[Vapor] Vaporeon (F)
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 12%
Energy: 15%
[-1 DEF, -1 ACC, Aqua Ring]


[-] Archen (M)
Ability: Defeatist
Health: 98%
Energy: 74%

Ref Notes
Toxic's Accuracy Roll was 59; 1-68 for hit.
Wing Attack's Crit Roll was 46; 1-6.25 for Crit.

What will you do?

> Attack, Use Item, Throw Ball (1 Safari Point each)
> Flee (2 Safari Points)
> Exit Safari Zone (30 Safari Points)

You have 9 Safari Points remaining.
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