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Default Re: Pokémon: Conifer [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by Eternal Moonlight View Post
Name: Daisy Blake (or Day as a nickname)

Birthday and Age: October 22 1993 (18)

Are they Mutated?: Yes

Appearance: The first thing the strikes people about Daisy is her void-like midnight black hair, which cascades down to her elbows. It could be described as thin, but shows no signs of frailty. Two distinct locks hang on opposing sides of her face, reaching her shoulders. They do not, however, hide either of her two almon shaped steel grey eyes, their gaze slightly unsettling after a while.

What people do not know is that these two features are most unnatural on the girl. During the bulk of her life, she sported a head of light-brown locks, eaten by her Umbreon mutation. Her optical orbs, they are actually crimson, but this change is masked by a pair of colour contacts. Grey was their natural shade, so nobody is the wiser.

The only other change her body has sustained are the addition of radiant yellow rings around her wrists and ankles. These are also kept hidden, under sweat bands and thick socks. If exposed to moonlight, they will glow.

Standing an even 5’4 and weighting the average, Day is less then imposing. Her clothes don’t do a much better job at it either. On average days, her preferred tops are light sweaters, usually in dark blues, purples greys and blacks. Most of the time, a t-shirt is paired with them, usually of a different, yet equally somber, colour. A few sport designs, butterfly, floral, random graphics, but the most striking is the crescent moon, that indigo sweater has become popular. However, on warmer days, the heavier clothing is dropped and only the shirt is worn.

Paired with these are equally dark denim, most a little used at the bottom. Her shoes tend to be, oddly enough are cherry pink and quite Converse-like. However, like one may expect, her satchel is a midnight blue, decorated with a silver butterfly.

Personality: At first, Daisy is a shy, quiet character. She doesn’t usually makes the first move in conversations, the other party having to break the ice first. Her responses before getting comfortable are minimal, although a reply is always provided. They grow more interesting and detailed as she eases into the exchange, but the topic throws her on edge, this is not likely to happen.

Despite her fairly sweet, kind and timid nature, Day has a sarcastic side. Making quips (though other tend not to hear them) at random stupidities is not above her, and occurs rather frequently. Bonus points if the origin of said dumbness is a haughty or egotistical source. She also doesn’t like “cheap double talk” as some label political speeches and such.

However, like most mutants, she does have “issues”, getting urges to exact revenge on those who have cut deep emotional scars. Because of minimum contact and a lighter mutation, fighting these impulses is proving manageable although coping with them is draining. Another tiring problem is her increasing paranoia of being found out, which has eroded the honestly once boasted. Daisy won’t hesitate to lie if it means keeping her secret well hidden.

History: Daisy isn’t one to talk much about her past, which has seen its fair shares of ups and downs. Even from a young age though, she wasn’t terribly outgoing and preferred the company of smaller crowds. Despite her parents’ encouragements, their daughter never became a social butterfly. She did have a few comrades though, including the son of some family friends.

Her earliest years, for the most part, were some of her best. Good, caring parents, nice friends and a non-pest for a brother helped make Daisy a well-adjusted and happy girl. She, however, quickly became a daddy’s girl, despite having a fine relationship with her mother. It just happened Daisy’s character matched her father’s more.

She became a lot more closed when her best friend left. The memories from that period of her seventh year are fuzzy at best, but Daisy remembers the sentiment of loss was delayed. She also remembers it being painful, the first time she’d truly lost someone dear.
After that, life moved on. The girl became a little more withdrawn and timid, but because she was already rather introverted, it didn’t show too much. She also spent a little more time at home with her brother then out with her friends, leading to a strong sibling bond. Even once Felix grew more popular and more of his schedule became busier, it didn’t falter much.

Then, mid-sixteenth year, it was discovered her mother had been having an affair. The tension in the house had been mounting for a while, but Day had not seen that coming for a mile. Things got worse when the woman announced she was going to live with her lover, and invited the kids to join her. Feeling betrayed and having had a closer relation with her father, the girl opted to stay put. Since then, options of the woman have been low and a sarcastic side has grown.

Becoming a mutant really hadn’t been part of the plan. Fearing what the stress of university would unleash, Daisy has lied about considering a change in her goals and has taken a semester off, just working her shifts at work and hoping her situation would improve.

Your Character’s Relationships: WIP

Other: (Anything else you want to add about your character. A song that represents them, where you see them in the future, any inspiration you had when making them, it’s all fair game.)

Altered Subsection

Pokemon: Le Umbreon

Abilities: Like Umbreon, Daisy can heal herself in the moonlight. The fuller the moon, the faster and more effective it is. Likewise, on the night of the new moon, it is useless.

Being that the Eeveelution is a dark type; the girl has a stronger tolerance to psychic based assaults.

And, like Umbreon, she can strike fear in other, but only if she gives them a “look”. This is most effective when under the gaze of her red eyes, which are currently hidden.

Name: Felix Blake

Birthday and Age: May 7th 1996 (16)

Are they Mutated?: Nope

Appearance: Felix likes sports, and it shows. He isn’t exceedingly muscular, but does in no way appear like an easy target. Standing an impressive 6’3 only adds to that effect. It may also be worth noting that spending much time outside has given his skin a healthy tan.

In its natural state, his hair is a dark blonde, leaning on brown shade. However, having put golden streaks in has accented the blonde, making it the prominent colour. These locks are kept on the messy side and almost reach his shoulders. Intentionally, they also stick rather close to his neck. Bangs hang unevenly, and just barely avoid obstructing his steel grey eyes.

Normally, one can find him wearing a t-shirt of featuring random graphics, including the Colorado Avalanches. This is coupled with a darker coloured hoodie during cooler days and a sleeve-less vest when the temperature is higher. Rarely will it be sported on its own.

For pants, Felix likes his denim, especially the faded verity. The oldest pairs have torn knees and if they’re a lighter shade, grass stains as well. Despite protests, he insists on keeping them, insisting they complete his look. On the other hand, his grey runners are in great shape and still appear new.

Personality: Despite the stereotype, Felix isn’t a jerk jock. He usually found in a pleasant mood, fairly carefree and quite positive. This coupled with an outgoing, social nature make him a popular figure; it is rather rare to find the boy on his own. He pools a lot of time into friends and sports, which does reflect itself in a mediocre C average. It is worth noting that if Felix put more hours into studying, he would get better grades. Sadly, academics don’t place too high on his priorities.

That’s actually a trait worth noting about the boy, if he isn’t motivated by something, little effort is invested. However, the opposite rings true, stimulating events tend to draw much passion and dedication. The people involved to influence his output as well, which leads to an interesting point about Felix. Despite his numerous friends, he cares about very little. Not that he wouldn’t be a little bothered if one of them left or anything, but it wouldn’t affect him more than that. On the other hand, those he does hold dear, expect undying loyalty. Messing with them won’t result in a pretty picture.

Unlike most people, Felix is rather natural about the mutants. He does think they are dangerous, but doesn’t believe they’re all terrorists either. If you ask his opinion, expect a “meh”, oddly enough.

History: Felix has a good early childhood. Unlike most little brothers, he didn’t earn himself the title of “pest” although the boy didn’t really act like one either. He was a little more outgoing then his sister though, and did make a few friends before starting Kindergarten. However, he wasn’t the most popular of characters and most of his after school time was spent with Daisy, who to him seemed oddly quiet suddenly.

He acquired more popularity after his registration with the local soccer team. His skills were rather sharp for a kid without any prior coaching and from that point continued to hone these abilities. Academically, Felix had started strong, but entering the preteen years, grades started to drop. More time was being devoted to sports and friends and less to studying. Despite being encouraged, he really stopped caring about marks and aimed to pass with Cs. Which he did with little effort.

He never really got terribly rebellious, however. Despite pulling a few pranks and the occasional talking back, Felix wasn’t terribly hard to discipline. His mother usually had an easier time though; the boy had always found himself relating to her better.

As a result, when the affair came out, he was absolutely mortified. Times didn’t get any easier when the former Ms. Blake announced she was leaving, moving out of state to live with her lover. For a while, Felix did intend to leave, but he ended up deciding to stay. His entire life had been built in Conifer, his close friends, spot on the school soccer and hockey teams, sister, everything was there. It was too much to bare losing.

The mutants, from the time they’d been discovered to now, haven’t impacted the boy so much. He goes on as usual, happily oblivious to the severity of the situation… for now.

Your Character’s Relationships: WIP

Other: (Anything else you want to add about your character. A song that represents them, where you see them in the future, any inspiration you had when making them, it’s all fair game.)

Pardon if my years and ages don't match up, I'm a bit tired ^^'
Awesome, Jaye! These were definitely worth the wait!
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