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Default [WAR XI] Graphic Art


I'm Neo, and I'll be your judge for the WAR Season 11 Graphic Art section, which can cover both Pokémon and non-Pokémon related graphic art created by a variety of computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Paint Shop Pro, and many others. It doesn't matter which or how many programs you use, as long as you make a decent piece that follows the rules, it's good to go.

In order to take part in WAR Season 11 Graphic Art, you need to be a member of one of the eight teams involved with the WAR. For more information regarding the WAR competition, check the WAR XI Main Thread and Rules. The eight teams include:

Guardian Units of Nations (G.U.N.)
Team Obscurity
The Not-So-Super Friends
Revolution Uprising
Park Lords
The Eggman Empire

As long as you're a member of one of these eight teams, you're welcome to take part.


There are two other art sections involved in the WAR. Just to avoid confusion, this section, Graphic Art, deals with art created by computer programs like Photoshop and Gimp, whereas Drawn Art deals with art drawn by solely by hand without any rendering, layer, or other effects. Meanwhile, Pixel Art deals with the creation of sprites and other game-like images.


The Main Things I'm Looking For

Creativity, eye-catching appeal, and aesthetic quality are my main focuses. Fitting with the week's theme and directions, as well as going "beyond the call of duty" will definitely give you a better chance at winning. I like being pleasantly surprised, so don't just try to target the bare minimum requirements.

Point Distribution

Every week, 6 points are distributed. I'm not crazy about handing points out by default, so the award system will work this way.

4 or more entries - 3 Points for 1st place entry, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd.
3 entries - 4 Points for 1st place entry, 2 for 2nd.
2 entries - 6 Points for 1st.
1 entry - Points may or may not be awarded. Depends on the quality of the piece.

All entries will get feedback and a review score based on 1-100. If you didn’t do so well, pay attention to the feedback review, because it will help guide and inform you of what went wrong so you can take the necessary steps to fix it and make a better entry for next time. In the meantime, pay attention to what won so you can see what the winners did to get a point. Truthfully, this is probably the best action you can take to improve and increase your chances of winning.


In effort to avoid art theft, you need to make sure the work is your own, and you're not simply claiming the things other people did is yours.

If you use a stock image or render besides the ones that are part of the week's requirements, you need to post a link to them and credit the original artist whenever possible (and if they request you get permission, you're going to need that too). Entries that don't do this are disqualified. If you don't know the artist's name, at least post where you got it from (I understand it may be original or official game or movie art, but I still would like a link to it). But if you did make the original image yourself, such as using a digital camera to snap a photo of a concrete wall or forest that you want to use as the background in your banner, or you actually did make that stock image, I still would like you to upload the original image on Photobucket or your own DeviantArt account and mention that you made it. And yes, using your own work and images will add more value to your piece.


Each week will have some kind of theme or parameter(s) that your image will need to follow to be considered valid. These parameters will require you to think outside the box and work with them to create you finished piece. They could include anything from using at least one required stock image, having a particular phase of text, based off a particular popular game series, and the like. You're free to add additional images to what the requirements are, but again, please link them. And again, going "beyond the call of duty" will give you a better chance at doing well, as long as you got creative and clever with how you did it.

  • Follow all standard PE2K forum rules. Just a reminder.
  • It's up to you to make sure the image will be there and stay there when I'm judging entries. During the judging period, if I see the link to your submission has been cut off due to overused bandwidth or it's a dead link, sorry, but I can't take it or stop to ask you to upload it again.
  • You are only allowed to submit one entry each week. You're free to change, alter, edit, or do whatever you'd like to the entry before the deadline, but once the deadline has been reached, your submission is locked and cannot be changed. If I see the "Last edited by..." timestamp marks a date and time beyond the deadline, I have to disqualify it to keep things fair to those people who did have their entries ready on time.
  • Using this thread for chat is fine, just keep it relevant to the WAR Graphic Art section.
  • Art theft is a major violation of the rules, and will not only make your submission invalid, but could result in a possible ban. If you're not sure, give credit and link anyway. Also, make sure you post only your own submission. Do not submit anything on someone else's behalf.
  • Avoid any sensitive material that may be considered offensive to anyone. This includes anything that could be regarded as excessively violent, pornographic, racist, or could be regarded as a "shock" image. Yes, I've seen Tubgirl, Goatse, and Lemon Party. Definitely not a fan.

When you're ready to submit your entry, just use this submission form:

Title of your entry: (Any title is fine, doesn't need to be fancy)
Team you're on: (Which of the eight teams you're on)
Sources and Credits: (Links to any images, renders, backgrounds, and so on, as well as credits to the original artist(s) whenever possible. Does not need to include any required images that were part of the week's parameters.)
Link to the entry: (Either a link to the image, or you can post it directly here if it's small and under 600px wide. But do NOT post it directly here if the image is very large, or use a spoiler to hide it. This is to prevent it from stretching the page).

  • If you're new to Photoshop or graphic design in general, look for tutorials and experiment with them. They will show you how to use the program's tools and will teach you some pretty neat tricks. Whenever you can, combine tutorials and/or experiment with different effects and tools to make your own original work and style. Yes, there are times I got something to look really good and cool solely by accident through just messing with different settings.
  • Try not to have too much color or oversaturation. Make sure your submission is easy on the eyes and appealing to look at.
  • If you have text in your submission, please make sure it's legible and easy on the eyes. Text that's incredibly tiny, hard to read, or conflicts with the rest of the piece may hurt your score.
  • Give your submission at least some kind of border. A 1px black border around the edges is all you need, but if you want to be inventive with this, go right ahead. Inspire me.
  • Try new things, don't be afraid to take risks. New trends are inspired all the time from going against the status-quo.

And that's pretty much it. Hope you enjoy WAR Season XI, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys cook up.

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