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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Astyn & Valefor Female Guardian and Beast
Skyspire Livery, Skyspire

when life gives you lemons DON'T MAKE LEMONADE

A sigh slipped past her tight-lined lips as she worked her way past the guards undetected. She slipped her hand under her cloak, fingers going into the pouch at her hip. She clenched the charm tightly for a moment, almost as a thank you, and then glanced about. High above, just flitting from the clouds, she spied the strange, massive companion that was her Sacred Beast. If she had been told of its existence before she saw it, she would have called whoever was telling her that they were an imbecile. This thing was as strange as it got, really. It shared the general body structure of a wyvern, with two smooth, draconic legs and massive, arcing, ornate wings topped with rough, almost-bone like structures, a strange sort of spiral protruding from each one. Curling appendages grew from in front of its wings, the bottom most hook on the left wing bearing a peculiar charm hanging on wide, looping chains. The thick, pointed feathers on its neck morphed into a long cord of thick hair held together by a single braided rope at the end. Its tail was that of a dragon's, covered in metal-like plates. It was, truly and literally, a creature out of this world. And Astyn hated it.

She narrowed her eyes, her azure-rimmed, obsidian pupils rolling as she she turned her gaze back before her. She didn't need to worry about the pest being seen and causing alarm, as the damned thing was also a master illusionist, and only appeared in her true form to those she wished to. To everyone else, she appeared as a massive raven only a couple of inches taller than most of those in her species.

Astyn glared around as she slipped through those passing through the streets, weaving in and out of the hurried individuals, her own pace steady and brisk. It was mid evening, and the sun would be setting in a little over an hour or so. Her path of sight scoped out the nearby buildings for a quiet, lonely place to reside for the night, but all she could find at the moment was some inn, which she had no interest in even stepping foot inside. Chances were that the only people inside would be pedophiles or drunks or both, or maybe just some people that would simply get on her nerves. Instead, she ducked into the livery beside the inn upon seeing that the stable hand had just departed.

She scaled the ladder up to the loft, stepping on each sturdy wooden rung as quickly and as quietly as she could. As she reached the top, she inhaled the lovely, sweet scent of hay, closing her eyes for a moment as she relished in the nostalgia, a small dose of nirvana pulsing through her mind. It was here that the equine shifter felt at home. She stood there for a moment, taking deep breaths as she allowed reception from her animalistic side to breach her conscience. She withdrew quickly, though, as that side of her seemed to want to put down as much hay as she could in as little time as possible.

This serene feeling of bliss was short-lived, though, as the massive creature known as her Sacred Beast swooped in, pulling herself up from the dive that had carried her inside and landing on the loft. It creaked slightly under her weight. Horses, frightened by both the presence of the beast and the large gust created from the 'raven's presence, scared and reared, a couple letting out loud neighs and screams. They chose a corner of the large loft and hunkered down, Astyn glaring at the massive beast beside her, hating their proximity. Though the large beast resembled a raven from the outside, it was obvious that there was something a bit strange going on since hay was pushed out several feet around it. They listened quietly as the stable hands rushed back into the livery stables, calming the horses, and then departed once more.

Astyn's mind had seemed to be hyper aware of her surroundings ever since she had entered Skyspire, and she was sure it wasn't just the feeling of being on edge because of the guards. She went through this with every town. She couldn't locate it exactly, but she recognized the feeling. This was the feeling she got whenever she was near a powerful being other than her Beast. She reminded herself to steer clear of the inn. She couldn't locate which direction the individual was in, but with the inn next to her, it wasn't hard to guess.

Valefor shifted beside her, eyes trained upon the black-haired girl as she pulled her hood back from over her head. Her gaze was returned with a harsh glare.

"I hate you with every fiber of my being," Astyn's thoughts snarled cruelly, as she had learned that the creature could very clearly read her mind.

"I know," the companion replied quite cheerfully, a sort of purr rumbling in her chest.

Astyn grumbled an inaudible stream of curses before rolling over and falling asleep, head resting on her arm in the hay.

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sorry for taking so long.
love this rp already and i haven't
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