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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS> I fashionably late to the party? Probably just late. ^^' Anyway, had some things going on, but wanted to get back in time for the actual WAR. So, here goes.
After this, I just need to scan over other characters and catch up on what's happening. .....Oh dear.

Character name: Cassandra “Cassie” Sheppard
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Team: G.U.N.
Occupation: Pokemon Ranger, Ranger Union liaison to G.U.N.

Appearance: Cassie stands under five feet tall with an athletic, not too slim build. Not exactly someone who can stand out in a crowd. She is fair skinned and has rather straight, auburn hair usually pulled over one shoulder in a braid. There is a light sprinkle of pale freckles, more noticeable in the sun, across her small nose. She would not describe herself as exceptionally pretty, but many people love her unusual honey-color eyes. Her small stature allows her to be extremely agile, and she is athletic enough to climb tall trees up to their narrow limbs. In order to keep up when walking with those taller than herself, that short stature has also given her an odd, half-skipping gate.

Apart from her physical appearance, her style is fairly simple and oriented towards functionality. She normally wears something like a dark, sleeveless tank-top and cargo shorts. While she has the iconic red jacket of the Ranger Union, with the recent trouble she began wearing a similar short-sleeved jacket in a less noticeable brown. The Ranger insignia is on one sleeve and an outline of Johto –her base region- is on the other. She also wears the standard wrist Styler that all Rangers wear. Her supplies are kept in a tough backpack that she has probably carried for a few years. Cassie likes to be prepared, and so carries as much as she can, neatly packed inside, without being hampered down.

Personality: Kind, friendly, and normally a fairly mellow person, Cassie prefers to be laid-back and go with the flow. Whatever comes her way is generally taken in stride. If it is something she can deal with, she will. If not, and she cannot find assistance quickly, the problem will have to be let go or dealt with later. She does not like to over-complicate things and will try to find the easiest way around an obstacle, taking in the full picture to figure workarounds in a pinch. Generally speaking, her mind thinks tactically over combatively. Her parents also raised her not to dwell on the past, a virtue that fits well with her and as such, she tends to maintain her mild attitude through difficult situations. This typically makes others think that she is taking the situation too lightly, but that is not to say that she does not care. In fact, she is a very caring person, perhaps from spending her childhood around young Pokemon. Truthfully, there is just a part of her that does not wish to dwell on trouble, even if worry plagues her thoughts. Just try not to rush Cassie on certain things, like making a decision. She is likely to either get frustrated -which can lead to snapping- or nervous and forget important details.

Cassie is certainly not a genius, but she is intelligent. She has a bad habit of losing track of time when her mind gets focused on something. Quite observant, she has absorbed everything she encountered during her time as a trainer and then patrolling as a Ranger. This gives her a fair knowledge of Pokemon and nature which she uses to her advantage. No one would think it to look at her, but she is quite stealthy after years of trying to sneak up on skittish Pokemon. Her short stature allows her to take advantage of small spaces and even high trees. This makes her hard to spot as she can quickly slip from one place to another. Of course, at the opposite end of the spectrum, she is not very strong and knows it. While it may not bother her that a situation puts her at a disadvantage, Cassie dislikes when she is unable to find a way around that.

History: West of Victory Road, Cassandra Sheppard grew up on the family ranch where they cared for and bred Pokemon, mainly the starters for Kanto and Johto. She was around Pokemon from the time she was born, and would follow her parents or the other ranch hands on their chores as soon as she could walk. Cassie’s parents were both caring, none more so than her mother. She actually came from a relatively wealthy family, but they disapproved of their lovely daughter working on a ranch. Melissa’s gentle nature, however, worked wonders on the Pokemon. Many times, Cassie would be left in awe of the impression she left on those around her, thinking it impossible for her mother to ever have anyone dislike her. This also left an impression on her father, Andrew, who had always been a hard worker. Andrew was a strong man, both in body and spirit, who took over the ranch from his own father. There is no doubt that Cassie’s rather simple appearance came from him, although her small stature certainly did not. Despite cutting a fairly intimidating figure, he was always a generous and humorous man, easily pleased by those around him. He maintained the ranch and over-saw those who tended the land and Pokemon there. Another relative who impacted her growing up was Uncle Danny, her father’s brother. Daniel left the ranch to join the growing ranks of Pokemon Rangers, a fact which alienated him from his rancher father, but not his brother. When Uncle Danny came around for a visit, Cassie was always ready to hear his stories.

During her years growing up, one of her best friends was a Bulbasaur named Dahlia who was almost always by her side. Dahlia was born with an odd discoloration tipping the bulb on her back. When the league representative came to pick up starters for new trainers, he was reluctant to take Dahlia despite assurances the discoloration was not an effect of her health. Worried that the young trainers would think otherwise, she was left behind. Cassie met Dahlia when she began following her parents around the ranch and started playing with the young Bulbasaur. After Cassie started school, she would be waiting patiently for her to return home. Sometimes, other kids would come back to the ranch with her. Being around so many Pokemon made Cassie something of a celebrity with many of her classmates, while others could not stand the fuss. For Cassie, she never understood the big deal since the ranch was simply a way of life for her.

When the time came, she did what a lot of ten year-olds would do and set out for the League challenge. This was not the opportunity to become a great trainer as far as she was concerned, so much as it was the chance to travel. She took her time with challenging the gyms and chose to continue learning as she went. Training was not just for building her Pokemon, but to learn how their different personalities affected the way they grew. Cassie would carefully observe Pokemon, plants, and even the weather. She wanted to have a better understanding of the natural world and often lost track of time by something that distracted her while traveling. For six years, she increased her knowledge of the world. Her parents asked if she would return to the ranch, but she did not think that she was ready to stay home yet. Instead, she looked to something else. She had met Rangers several times during her journey and, just like listening to her uncle’s stories, their job had always appealed to her. Working to protect Pokemon and maintain a balance in nature was something she had not only learned while traveling, but had practically grown up with. Not wishing to choose between her Pokemon (and Dahlia never did like walking much anyway), Cassie left them with her parents. She did not know if or when she would meet a Pokemon partner, but decided to start out as a Ranger on her own. Her knowledge of Pokemon and survival skills helped her greatly in training and she was soon posted as an area Ranger around Violet City in Johto.

About a year into her post, she was on patrol when she spotted smoke. Alerting the base to a possible forest fire, she quickly went in to investigate. It did not take long for her to discover the origin. After nearly three weeks into the autumn without rain, the unusually dry forest floor began to smolder from a stray bolt of lightning after a storm passed teasingly close by. Now, the piles of dry leaves were threatening the trees beginning to shut down for winter. Cassie jumped into action, attempting to move Pokemon out of the area and employing any tough ground types she could find to create fire-breaks by churning up the soil until more help arrived. But, then a dead tree limb, which had caught a stray spark overhead, fell close by and quickly began spreading fire through the dry leaves. Before Cassie could react, it was circling around her. She realized that she would have to move back towards the main blaze to get away before she was trapped. Momentarily blinded by smoke, she did not see the figure in front of her until she bumped into him. She was very surprised to see a Lucario in her region, let alone in the middle of a forest fire. He looked at her oddly before turning to face the blaze. He used an Aura Sphere to break an opening in the fire and motioned for the Ranger to follow. It was not long after for other Rangers and fire teams to arrive. Told to sit on the sidelines until she was checked out, Cassie watched the Lucario who had chosen to sit nearby. After a few questions -he would only shrug or move his head in answer- she was only slightly surprised when he told her his name was B.J. From that time, he was always nearby. Definitely no nubnub. Cassie learned that his attitude was similarly laid-back like her own, if not more so. They worked well together and his more direct approach would actually keep the Ranger on track.

Cassie had been with the Ranger Union for eight years (and had been offered more than one chance at leadership, all turned down since she would not be in the field as much) when the worlds merged. There was mass confusion all around as robots spread across the Kanto and Johto regions. Cassie was not sure what was going on, but took everything in stride in her normal attitude until she could discover what was going on. It seemed that the first strikes were to any and all places of authority. Calls were coming in from everywhere that cities were being overrun; Ranger bases, police stations, and capital buildings were all under attack. The Violet City Rangers were immediately on the defensive. After the initial attacks slacked off, those who had grouped together began taking stock of the situation. Contacting the Union was difficult at best, but it became clear very quickly that many Rangers were missing and organization was very low with the regions in shambles. During this time, Cassie found out that her Uncle Danny was one of those missing and that the ranch where her parents lived had been destroyed. Her father had made is way across the region to where the local Rangers were trying to reorganize in the hills north of Olivine. He brought with him the only Pokemon that had survived the devastation, as well as the news that her mother had been killed. This was a terrible blow to Cassie, but there was no time to dwell on what had happened.

Since the bottom first fell out, the Union has been trying to reorganize along with any enforcement officers they are able to find. Many have decided it a good idea to have more than their partner Pokemon with them and pokeballs have been authorized for the Rangers through whatever the duration may be. They have also found it to be a good idea to stay armed themselves as well against the mechanized enemies before them now. Still, the Union is well aware that they are not a military force, especially while in such disarray, and finding any of the regions leaders in the chaos seems near impossible. It has been decided to seek out G.U.N. who would be invariably more knowledgeable with the other side of the merge. Not much for organizing, Cassie volunteered to contact G.U.N. to offer the Ranger Union’s services in knowledge of Pokemon and terrain.

Pokemon team:
B.J.: Lucario– A tough Pokemon, he’s incredibly laid-back almost to the point of having a deadpan stare. He looks like a normal Lucario and is quite in tune with his Aura abilities, allowing him to communicate with Cassie…what little he does. If you ask what the B.J. stands for, he’ll say it just stands for B.J, never even giving Cassie an explanation. His odd humor does tend to cut through bad situations. Any other time he speaks up, he is often strangely philosophical. He is difficult to frustrate, even by small tasks. He makes a terrific match as Cassie’s Ranger partner. They share a similar attitude, but while she prefers to find the path of least resistance, he will usually take the most direct.

Dahlia: Ivysaur- The pink bud on her back is tipped white for reasons unknown to her or her trainer. It did not occur out of illness, it has just always been that way. After growing up on the ranch with her, Cassie chose Dahlia to be her first Pokemon as a trainer. She gives Cassie help in hard to climb places and keeps her on track when she is caught up in something, though she has never been much for traveling far on foot. She can be rather indifferent on most things, but is very adept at battling. Her combative strength balances her trainer’s tactics. Especially when she gets into a good battle. Then it’s onward!

Byte: Rotom- Cassie acquired this little prankster playing in an abandoned movie theater. He is always on the move and in a perpetual good mood. He may not always be seen, but he never goes far out of earshot from his trainer. His electrical abilities are useful for keeping Cassie’s Styler charged. He is also very good at shorting out electronics. Byte always likes to be out and roaming.

Kiwi: Aipom- Look out because this one gets under your feet. Energetic and always eager to be doing something, she is quite different from Cassie’s nature. This can irritate some of the other Pokemon since they are generally more relaxed. She likes to collect things and she’s like a miniature tornado, fast and energetic. She gets along with Byte very well and loves his pranks, but usually Dahlia is the only one who will slow her down, though this often causes Kiwi to try bickering with the indifferent Ivysaur.

Shard: Weavile- The feathers and crest that adorn this Pokemon are deep brick-red rather than the bright ruby most others of his kind sport. The fangs which extend over his bottom lip are a bit longer and he always seems to have a smirk on his face, as if he knows something you don’t. He’s always been quiet, but Cassie seems to know what he’s thinking. He’ll get irritated at times, but mostly doesn’t show whether or not he cares at all about what’s going on.

Stryk: Pidgeot- Average in looks for her species, Stryk loves praise, but has a quick temper if you insult her. Byte and Kiwi’s antics get on her nerves, but she rather dislikes Dahlia. It could be that she is jealous of the Ivysaur being closer to their trainer and both being combative does not help. Stryk would do anything for her trainer and listens to her every command no matter what. Her temper will turn off in an instant if Cassie tells her to let something go.

Roxo: Aerodactyl- After helping an archeologist out of a sticky situation during her trainer journey, she was told to take a chunk of fossilized amber to the Pewter Museum. Cassie was surprised to find that the Aerodactyl cloned from the material was quite good-natured. He loves to be in flight and is extremely tough, but one of her least combative Pokemon. For such a fearsome, ancient predator, Roxo would rather stay out of a fight. Though the conflict going on now is difficult to avoid.

Weapons: Sure, I’ll stick with a 12-gauge shotgun with steel slugs for sticky situations. Say…Remington 870. (had to look it up actually ^^’)
Also carries a seven inch carbon steel combat knife. Tough blade that.

Special powers: Not really. Just a normal human. She does have a knack for understanding Pokemon more than most. Not psychic, just able to understand.

Equipment: Like all Rangers she wears a Styler on her wrist. With an internally contained system that is hermetically sealed it cannot be damaged by conventional shock or interfering signals and is only capable of working for the assigned Ranger. This device acts as Dex and navigation. The main function, of course, is to calm and temporarily take command of wild Pokemon with the Capture Disc. There is also a Voice Nav, but Cassie’s will strangely tend to miss important information until too late.
She has a camping knife and other supplies, as well as first-aid kits –for both humans and Pokemon, a two-way, and a decent weatherproof camera.

Other: I feel like she may be limited in her individual capability, but I didn’t want to make her exceptional when she relies on her Pokemon. This character is kinda recycled from a previous RP just cause I liked her and didn't really get to use her. ^^'
avvie and banner from the awesome bff Gem ^^

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