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> Jump in the godamn water!
You hastily do so, remembering to discard your One-Winged Overcoat before you do. The leather might get damaged. You sink until only your eyes and the top of your snout are above water, but a scaly hand quickly shoves itself in your line of vision. This prompts you to look down. In the water, you can see a brightly-colored female form; it has no hair and fins on the head, arms and legs. Its mouth seems to have several clefts in it to give the appearance of a jagged line. It opens its mouth and speaks, displaying several rows of pointed teeth in the process.

???: Don't look up. The sun is coming out.

Dutifully, you push her arm away and close your eyes. Almost immediately, you feel the sun on you. It's nice and warm... why does she seem so concerned about it?

You soon learn the answer.

It's not so nice and warm anymore.

It's getting hotter.

Quickly you dunk your head underwater, feeling the coolness in contrast to the light above. Eventually you have to breathe, and come up for air, but only briefly.

???: Right, you're a land-dweller. Yeah, keep dunking your head around, I guess.
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