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Default [WAR XI] Digital of Park Lords vs. Velocity of Revolution Uprising.

Battle: Single, 1 Pokemon each.
DQ: 24-hours.
Damage Caps: None.
Restrictions: No OHKOs (including Perish Song and Destiny Bond); three Chills.
Arena: Indigo Plateau: Rock.
A 50' by 50' square arena with a solid stone floor that's covered in dust and pebbles. White lines painted on the floor divide the arena into two halves, which include little boxes for Trainers to stand in. The ground is littered with boulder, providing hiding places for the small, vantage points for the snipers, and ammunition for the strong. Rock and Ground-type moves will occasionally receive a small power boost.
Roll 1-100 for every Rock or Ground move used. If the roll is less than 30, the move's damage will be multiplied by 1.25.
Ref Style: Open.
Digital will send his Pokemon.
Velocity will send her Pokemon and moves.
Digital will post his moves.
Someone will Ref.
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