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Default Re: ASB Announcements

Who's excited for WAR! :D I know I am. But for this door to open, others must close. Literally. All current battle threads will be closed for the duration of ASB's participation in WARXI. This is so that Refs make sure to Ref what's most important at this point in time. Sorry about this, guys, but they'll all re-open July 22nd.

On a side tangent, WAR kicks off today! Here are the current battles:

Saraibre Ryu of GUN vs. Sammy0295 of The Eggman Empire.

Foxamivalth of AWESOME vs. 5TailedDemonLizard of Revolution Uprising.

narphoenix of Revolution Uprising vs. haybalebarn of GUN.

gmandiddy of Park Lords vs. Velocity of Revolution Uprising.
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