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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Charlie Webb
Eggman Empire
Kanto, Power Plant
ARP's ~ None

Charlie sat back against her Lapras' neck, enjoying the light breeze that was blowing past. Spectre was curled up in her lap, sleeping. The ghost pokemon loved to sleep at any moment he got.

Charlie sat up slightly, careful not to disturb the purple ghost before looking round to see how close they were to the power plant. Charlie had only joined Eggman's team to see if she could gain powerful pokemon, and he seemed to be winning this war so she might as well be on his side. She came here, knowing that one of the legendary birds of Kanto resided here. Zapdos if she remembered correctly, and even if the pokemon was no longer here, maybe she could locate one of those gems the doctor had wanted.

Charlie noticed they were almost there so she proceeded to wake up her ghost. The Gengar stirred and opened his large red eyes. He smiled at his trainer before floating out of her lap and behind the Lapras. Charlie stood up on her pokemon, holding onto her head for support. She gently stroked the Lapras' neck which earned her a coo from the pokemon.

When they had reached the Power Plant not moments later she jumped off her Lapras and proceeded to retern her to her pokeball.

"Good job Beach. Spec," Spectre looked over at his trainer. "See if you can find any gems lying around out here." The ghost nodded before floating off to investigate the surrounding grassy area. Charlie ignored her pokemon and proceeded to enter the Power Plant, she brought out one of her guns, the other at her hip. She knew she wouldn't need it unless she found Zapdos, but that was unlikely, and for all she knew she could bump into some pokemon. She doubted that aswell as the only things she could possibly find would be some destroyed robots.

As Charlie stalked the many hallways, trying to find her way through the confusing building, she did indeed come across several bots, but they had been demolished, by whom or what she did not know, this however was a bad sign. The bots could have scared away the legendary bird, either that or it was hell bent on protecting it's territory. Charlie rounded a few more corners before coming across a couple of Pikachu's. She didn't see the point in having an electric rodent and so passed them by without much bother. She also didn't want to cause any noise, incase this scared away or alerted the Zapdos to her presence. As she turned another corner she saw an Electrode. Now this wasn't good. She backed up slowly to try and find another path. The last thing she wanted was for the ball to explode. As she walked backwards she stepped on one of the Pikachu's tails that she had passed earlier and it squeaked and shocked her.

Charlie being extremely pissed at this turned her gun on the pokemon and shot it. She kicked it away, not in the least bit concerned that she just killed a pokemon, now she ran along the halls fearing an escaping Zapdos. She so wanted to meet the pokemon, and to actually capture it, even if it would be for this doctor person would be epic in her opinion.

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