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Default Re: Pokémon: Conifer [SU/DS]

So, you should know that the idea for these characters struck me at midnight last night while I was trying to go to bed. They wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote them down, so I ended up staying up past 1:30 AM xD Talk about a random spout of inspiration!!! LoL, I think it might have something to do with the season finale of Korra, but I"m still deciding... xDDDDDDD

BUT! I'm now super excited about this!!! :D Here's my charries...


Chance Ansley

Birthday & Age: April 27th, 1996 (16)


I’m not even going to deny the fact that Chance is practically Kyouhei, the male protagonist for BW2. Since the eclipse, Chance’s hair has grown at an alarming rate, and despite all the cutting and pruning he’s tried to treat his mane with, it keeps coming back with vengeance. So now, unfortunately, he has a wild mat of hair above his head, kept back only by a red visor he constantly wears. (Teachers will think it rude of him to wear a hat during class, but they will be much more considerate after seeing him sit through class with his wild chocolate-brown hair hang over his eyes.)

Other than his unfortunate hair-style, Chance looks like the average teenage kid, with a boyish face and keen brown eyes. Without all that hair stacked on top of his head, he’s a bit shorter than average. Blue is one of his favorite colors, which is evident in the selection of jackets he likes to wear. He usually wears a pair of faint-gray shorts, and is adamant about wearing them until the winter months finally roll over (usually he battles the weather until December). His school bag is just an average-looking messenger bag in which he stashes a stockpile of his favorite treat: M&Ms.

Personality: Chance is a really sweet guy. A little on the shy side, but he honestly enjoys good company. He isn’t one for talking about others behind their back, or getting entertainment at the cost of one’s dignity. He believes in being fair, and considerate of others. Because of his mildness people consider him to be a good friend, someone they can turn to without fear of judgment. Chance is also pretty intelligent, though his grades are less than perfect because of his lazy tendencies (he’s quite the procrastinator).

But behind this gentle, easy-going exterior, Chance is scared. Nothing’s been the same for him since the eclipse, and he’s deeply unnerved by the changes the mutations have wrought on his being. Though he tries his best to pretend to be a normal teenager, he hardly has a grip on his new-found powers over ice. It seems that whenever he’s experiencing some kind of fear-related emotions (nervousness, anxiety, worry), something ends up frozen. His best friend and foster-brother tries to look out for him, to help him fight for control, and though he appreciates the gesture, he has to wonder if it’s only a matter of time until something slips.

He’s afraid of losing control, or being captured. Most of all, he’s afraid of becoming a monster. And these fears only make his situation worse.

History: Chance was born in Utah but was raised mostly in Colorado. He only had one other sibling—an older sister named Nichole—but he cherished the family relationships he had. His father was a scientist, working for the government, and though he could be very busy at times he always made time for his family. Chance’s mother was a funny woman, still acting like a kid even up until her late 30s, but she was compassionate about her children and wanted to make sure they had the best life possible. She especially wanted them to know about kindness and respect for others.

When Chance was twelve, his father was assigned to a laboratory near Conifer to do some top-secret government work. He wasn’t allowed to discuss what was going on, but he was required to be away from home for a bit. That didn’t stop his wife and children from coming up to visit him, however. After a few months of him being away, the family drove up to Conifer for a short stay.

Chance’s mom dropped off the kids at a friend’s house while she went ahead to pick up Dad from work. The kids had a blast with her friend’s family, but they soon became too aware of how much time had passed since their mother drove away. What was meant to be an hour’s worth drive turned into four, then five. They were growing anxious at the prolonged absence. And then the news came.

There had been an accident at the lab. Mom and Dad were gone.

The tragedy had ripped a hold in Chance’s and Nichole’s hearts, introducing them to real fear and uncertainty for the first time. Though still in shock and grief, the two were forced to move on by the world around them. The government handed them over to foster care—ironically, they were transferred to Conifer. As time marched onward, they attended school, and became teenagers. For a while, they seemed numbed to the whole process, but after the pain came and left, Nichole and Chance came to realize that they shouldn’t be defined by the bad things that happened to them. The best thing they could do now was to carry on their parents’ legacy and enter the world as responsible adults someday.

When Nichole graduated, she went to college in Idaho. It was different, not having her around to watch his back, though she tried her best to stay in contact with him, despite the workload she had. Chance was doing his best at High School, keeping up his grades so he could later qualify for scholarships for his future. Everything felt normal to him…

Until the eclipse.

The only blood-relative Chance as (as far as he knows) is Nichole, who is currently attending a university in Idaho. He is currently being reared by a foster family—the Andersons, who are very kind and loving. Ted and Darlene are the parents of 2 children (Janice and Rachel), but have fostered 4 other children excluding Chance. Janice and Rachel have long since moved away, but Michael, Celeste, Thalia, Jacob, and Derek are still home—their ages ranging from 17 to 5 years old. It’s a big family, and a little hectic at times, but the Andersons feels like a real family. And to Chance, that’s all that matters.

Michael is around the same age as Chance, and they’re the best of friends (though Michael tends to act more like the overprotective brother at times).

Also, there’s this girl at school that Chance has had a crush on ever since moving to Conifer, and this is the year he is determined to finally get to know Alyssa Wolff.

Hoping to get a chance at meeting said girl, Chance has decided to overcome his lazy tendencies this semester of school and sign up to be a tutor. It took some convincing, but one of his teachers agreed to help him get a position. Unbeknownst to Chance, he's going to be paired up with Felix Blake--who happens to be one of Alyssa's friends. While he has seen the athlete around, and knows he's popular, Chance hasn't personally had a chance to get to know Felix (until now).

The Andersons live right next to Theodore ("Tin") Karma and his father. Each member of the Anderson family considers Tin a good friend, and are happy to invite him into their home.

Kyouhei’s hair is finally explained xD Anyhoot, here's a possible theme song for themes I hope will come out later in Chance's story line :3

Pokémon Gene: Piloswine

Abilities: Basically, he can freeze stuff—though he struggles to control those powers. As I mentioned, he tends to lose his hold over his abilities when nervous, scared, or worried. Chance is also resistant to cold temperatures. Fortunately, he lacks Piloswine’s pig-like nose, though he does have an unusually keen sense of smelling.


Name: Michael Barret

Birthday & Age: September 2nd, 1995 (16)

Mutated?: No

Many girls at his school consider Michael’s serious exterior rather attractive, though he doesn’t try to flaunt it. Though his skin is a little on the pasty side, he makes up for it in his chiseled facial features. His curly black hair falls over smoldering, crystal-blue eyes. He dresses like a boy band member, pulling off the hipster look in a very clean and fresh manner. One can usually catch him wearing a black and blue keffiyeh (scarf), which is the only thing he has left from his mother. Michael doesn’t smile too often; he just gives the kind of half-smiles that make most girls melt. People either find his appearance intimidating or trendy.

Personality: The part of Michael that most people know is his serious, no-nonsense persona. If there’s a job to be done, then he gets it done in a straight-forward manner. He can’t stand injustices, and is very protective of those closest to him. His loyalty is evident to everybody, and folks know that he is reliable, responsible teenager. Yet there’s a side to Michael that only his friends get to see: a sly, fun side that revels in skateboarding and guitar. He enjoys chilling with friends, playing pranks (within reason), hitting the skate park, and so on. Michael can be gentle and considerate, given some time to understand.

Michael does have some issues with his temper. He can get a little boorish when angered; he’s certainly one to voice his opinion. As mentioned, he considers Chance his best friend and looks out for him like a big brother. Ever since the eclipse, he has been especially protective. He knows what Chance has become, and he has seen what has happened to some of Conifer’s mutants. He’s determined to prevent the same from happening to his little brother.

History: Michael had been with the Andersons for some time before Chance and Nichole came, and before that time he had become a rather bitter and ill-behaved kid. His real family had been destroyed by alcoholism and drugs. He couldn’t remember a time in his young life when his father hadn’t been drunk. Michael’s mother only put up with him because she was afraid of him; he always threatened her or, if he had been drinking enough, beating her. Michael hated seeing what was happening to her, though if he ever stood up for her, he would get beaten as well.

To escape from the pain of being with her husband, Michael’s mother turned to drugs. When he was 9 years old, she overdosed. She died, leaving him behind with an irate drunk. The drinking only became worse after her passing—though the violence slowly ceased. Michael wasn’t surprised when he didn’t return home one day. Instead of answering the door to his father, he was greeted by a police officer who informed him that his father was dead.

After that, Michael was passed into foster care. Finally free from his father’s tyranny, the anger the boy had kept bottled up finally surged forth with vengeance. His first foster family gave him up because he was unruly and unpredictably violent, picking on the other kids. The second foster family quickly gave up on him to. Then, he found his way to the Andersons. Unlike the others, the Andersons actually tried to love him. They saw past his anger and saw the hurt underneath. Though he could still be cruel to the Andersons’ other children, Michael began opening up.

Then they came. Some girl and a boy half a year younger than he was, who had lost their parents in some freak accident. They seemed so lost and despondent, but the Andersons welcomed them warmly to their home. Except for Michael. He resented the new arrivals. At least they had had a functional family before they came here. Why should they be so miserable, when he had suffered through beatings and abuse? He saw them as thieves, taking away the Andersons attention from him.

His anger towards the invaders amounted when Chance accidently broke one of Michael’s remote control helicopters. No one else was around, thus Michael lost all control. He yelled at chance, letting him know just how much he hated him before proceeding to punch and kick the poor kid. After a few blows, Michael stopped. Chance hadn’t even cried as he took the blows. He just sat there and stared desolately back, numb from all the tears that had already been spent on the loss of his parents. Chance was empty—perhaps even welcoming the physical abuse because the pain made him feel something other than loss.

In that moment, Michael could see himself reflected in those solemn brown eyes. He was overcome with horror as he realized what he had just done. He was no better than his own father.

Chance’s loss finally became real to Michael. Falling to the ground, Michael begged for forgiveness, crying the tears that Chance could no longer summon. Michael promised there and then that he would shed his bitterness. He would let go of the past, and embrace this second chance he had been given. He was not going to be his father’s son.

Since that day, the Andersons saw a remarkable change in Michael. He had suddenly switched from being the problem child to becoming an exemplified big brother. Chance never related what had happened that day, but he had forgiven Michael what happened. Since then, Michael has always been looking out for Chance and the other foster children.

Relationships: As far as he knows, Michael has no living relatives. However, he’s being fostered by the aforementioned Anderson family. Chance is his best friend, but also has a group of friends he hangs out with at the skate park: Luke, Joel, Kyle, Jessie (she’s a gal, just so ya know), and Preston. Recently, he’s been trying to form a band with his classmates, Tanner, Blake, and Sam (girl).

One of his closest friends is Jessie Moore--one of his skater buddies. When he first moved in with the Andersons, he formed a bit of a rivalry, but he became much more friendly to her after his change of character. She was also the first girl he kissed, though now they seem to be just friends.

Again, Tin Karma is a family friend to the Andersons, and Michael likes to keep an eye out for the boy.

Other: I've decided that I think Linkin Park's "What I've Done" is a good theme song for Michael :3

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