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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City - Base
Affected RPers: Sabi (Astrailyx), Sight (K'sariya), Dr Robotnik (Adorabot/Omega)
<The Glowstick at the End of the Tunnel>

As the fiery moth swept down towards the grey hued building with the logo of the military group born high on a flag, beating its wings which spread embers onto the surprisingly white pavement, a set of people were waiting at the front of the large emergency doors. Garbed in white and blue smocks, two of them bore a stretcher, and they immediately waved towards Astrailyx and K'sariya as they began to dismount. Two helped pick up and lower the ailing hedgehog onto the stretcher, while another began to usher the injured human inside for treatment, allowing her to lean on their shoulder for support. Dr. Mayweather, however, was quite in a tizzy about the situation and quick to ask what happened, while the others rushed him to surgery. The elevators opened quickly, and shut just as fast as they went down a few floors to the medical bay. The white washed walls were splattered with red due to the many wounded flooding in, and it wasn't just this floor either. A room had already been set apart for them, and it was there they rushed the Commander to, pulling the curtain across as they began to prep him.

That being said, concern was already growing around the base as word spread of his injuries, although many of the higher ups played the wounds down.

Placing him on the table, the lead doctor began to issue orders. "Need an IV and blood transfusion stat; type is AB Negative." He gestured at another. Get in a breathing tube - we don't need him choking on his own blood! Keep the pump steady - we don't want to incite coughing in his state, but inflating his lungs too much will make his breathing even more labored. Get that blood out if you can!" Reaching upwards, he pulled a large x-ray machine over, pulling it down to position it pointing at Shadow's side. After that shot, he also moved it up above it, to get a view from two positions. While they waited a minute or two for them to develop, he pulled more equipment over, looking the hedgehog over. Pulling out a needle and thread, the surgeon began to stitch the cut on Shadow's forehead closed. It didn't take long, obviously, and his precision was noteworthy. Up close and personal, he also had noticed the slight bumps on his chest, and cautioned the others of the breaks.

Scrutinizing the x-rays, he noted that the metal had cut into his femoral veins, but more importantly a small artery had been impacted as well. With the heart still beating - thankfully - that meant it was leaking out still. The hedgehog was still bleeding to death. "We need to be careful with this metal - it hit an artery. Not a major one - a branch - but one wrong move...Immortals can't survive without their blood. The blood transfusion won't mean anything if we can't stop this." He looked over at another. "Start cleaning around the wound, get some clamps on the artery and start sewing it back together. Keep an eye on that weak heartbeat - it's steady but we can't risk anything."

The young surgeon cleaning the wound nodded, and soon enough took out two clamps - ever so tiny - and slid them into the wound, securing them. Waiting a moment to make sure it was okay, he then took a specialized, even tinier needle, and prepared to sew the nearly severed artery together, pulling the metal out quickly.

...A bit too quickly...

Unit 05-000 Jais
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City En Route to Base
Affected RPers: None
<Bored, Nervous, Excited, and Anxious>

"Le sigh...This is very boring, my dear." Jais complained. "I could use my jet thrusters, yes, but that would constitute me leaving you behind. After the near tragedy that just occurred, I cannot bear to even think the thought! Why, if that rock 'ad not fallen on my cranium, I would not 'ave reactivated...We could 'ave become scrapmetal, or forgotten, left to rust! I could 'ave been in much worse shape, and not been able to call for help...And you, my dearest Delilah, would 'ave gotten worse as well!" His optical sensor swiveled around, examining the area further. It seemed the further they floated inward, the less the damage became. That meant that their defense had been successful - for if the damage was extensive on the inside, it told the story of a failed protection line, and that next time they would not nearly be as lucky. However, that didn't mean they wouldn't learn from this event - and all the death and destruction...It wouldn't be forgotten anytime soon.

The machine felt his companion nudge him ever so slightly. "Jais...It'll be okay. Everyone is so smart...They can figure something out...And they have you."

"Ah, my dear, you 'ave such a way with words. Magnificent!" She giggled softly, but his sensors picked up life and she quickly hushed upon hearing that. Spotting one soldier, he lowered himself, quickly calling out he was a friend when the man raised his gun. "Dear boy, put that device down before you shoot an eye out. I just got repaired!"

Lowering it slightly, he raised an eyebrow. "You...Both of you are Beetles, aren't you? I thought they all got wiped out..."

"We survived, and lucky too, being both sentient machines. Not like those uncouth monstrosities of Robotnik, that is." He decided to switch the topic. "So, what 'appened?" The man quickly began to explain everything, from when the worlds merged - realizing that Jais and Delilah had been offline - to the recent attack. He explained Pokemon, the new regions, the current status, and of Ace's death. That caught Jais off guard - the rabbit had seemed to strong and indestructible, stubborn to a fault. But then he heard about Shadow, of how he was injured in combat and back at base for medical attention. Now that worried Jais. Having been his "babysitter", so to speak, he had watched over and protected the hedgehog...And argued with him.

A lot.

But he had enjoyed the moments when he had mellowed out and grown used to him, when they could have some pleasant conversations. At one point, the Ultimate Life Form had suggest he replace his machine gun with a coffee machine, stating that it would be less dangerous and still would be helpful for people - that is, until he ran out. Then he would have to run for the hills. Or fly, in this case. Jais had retorted that Shadow would be better off with actual skates, so he could achieve his dream of being a professional ice skater, complete with frilly ribbon. Whereas before he would have been glared or smacked for such a comment, he had merely shrugged - snickered a little bit as well - at the jest. It had become clear to him at that point that Shadow was indeed trustworthy and loyal, but that realization had come with a sorrow, knowing he would be assigned elsewhere.

...He still got on his nerves, of course, but he liked to consider themselves friends, even if the hedgehog never referred to him as such. He was not exactly "social" about it. Hearing this news made him worried. Shadow never got "a little hurt". He either did not get hurt at all, or was severely injured. And finding out he was Commander, as well...It doubled his worry tenfold. Jaied thanked the soldier before both he and Delilah continued toward the base, radioing in that they were coming in the process.

Had his worry for Delilah not been there, he would have zoomed off to the base and been there within minutes. But love is both a blessing, and a curse...

It lifts a person up, but sometimes it drags that person down...

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