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Originally Posted by UltimateBrawl View Post
This is why socialism and communism fail. They are based on people succeeding with little to no effort; gaming the system, so to speak. They fail to realize that things must be earned.
I agree with PE2K Voices on the Animal Farm thing.

Textbook Communism is THE perfect government that everyone always wishes we had. I mean, THE perfect government. In textbook Communism, everyone is equal and everyone works to the fullest of their ability (note the key words here. actually, that whole phrase: "works to the fullest of their ability") and together the country prospers. Sadly, though, this isn't a perfect world. People abuse powers and we all know that not everyone works to the fullest of their ability.

I also agree with the statement on the fact that there will always be an unemployment rate , and for the reasons stated.
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