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Originally Posted by Sight of the Stars View Post
I agree with PE2K Voices on the Animal Farm thing.

Textbook Communism is THE perfect government that everyone always wishes we had. I mean, THE perfect government. In textbook Communism, everyone is equal and everyone works to the fullest of their ability (note the key words here. actually, that whole phrase: "works to the fullest of their ability") and together the country prospers. Sadly, though, this isn't a perfect world. People abuse powers and we all know that not everyone works to the fullest of their ability.

I also agree with the statement on the fact that there will always be an unemployment rate , and for the reasons stated.
No, I completely agree with you. Communism is perfect on paper. When it comes to actually implementing it, it fails. The only reason it looks good on paper is because it does not account for human nature. Of course, does any government system?
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