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Default Re: [WAR XI] Foxamivalth of AWESOME vs. 5TailedDemonLizard of Revolution Uprising.

It was a glorious day in the history of the ASBL. For the first time since anyone could remember - heck, perhaps ever - the Anime-Style Battling League was to play a part in the yearly, world-wide WAR. Everyone was excited, including the two battlers and referee who gathered together in the garden-like grass field.

Foxamivalth and Five-Tailed Demon Lizard were both experienced players in the game of ASBL, and they were both up to the challenge. Five-Tailed, grinning with confidence and eagerness, released the Pokemon she had been loaned for the duration of this opening battle. A Slowking appeared, resplendent in his jeweled, conch-shell crown and ruffled, red-and-white striped collar. The sight of the Royal Pokemon made Foxamivalth frown with disappointment, but he dutifully let out his own Pokemon: the roaring, brutal Poison-type Nidoking. The great, spike-covered violet beast tipped back its head and bellowed its strength to the world. Then it turned to inspect its opponent, its green-rimmed ears twitching. Slowking was looking at him lazily, as though he had already decided that Nidoking was not entirely worth his time. Nidoking grunted, noting grimly that both of Slowking's types offered the pink monarch a distinct advantage against his own typing. This was sure to be a tense fight.


[-] Nidoking (M)
Ability: Rivalry
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Well, this kind of sucks. [+1 ATK]
Megahorn/Focus Energy/Earthquake ~ Drill Run/Focus Energy/Earthquake


[-] Slowking (M)
Ability: Own Tempo
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Not getting overconfident - yet, anyway.
Protect ~ Psychic

Round One
Slowking eyed Nidoking mistrustfully. Due perhaps to its vast intellect, Slowking was given to caution even in the face of foes who naturally would fall to him more easily. His temporary Trainer seemed sympathetic to this; she ordered Slowking to use Protect, the final word when it came to defense. Slowking lifted his nubby pink hands, which glowed with a shining turquoise light. There was a second's pause, and then the light flashed out of Slowking's palms and into the air around him, creating a small glowing dome of bright teal energy around him. Nidoking looked at the barrier with distaste, knowing from the experience all Pokemon got as newbies that it was completely impenetrable to nearly every mundane attack.
[Protect: Slowking, -8% Energy]

However, Nidoking's Trainer had already come up with a plan in case this kind of thing happened. The order rang out and Nidoking followed it immediately. He planted his feet in the grass and closed his eyes, his mighty lungs taking in a long breath and forcing it out again. He concentrated on focusing his energy to all the points he would be using to attack Slowking: his horns, his fists. He imagined just how he would hit his foe, visualizing exactly where he could hit to deal the most damage to the dual-type, imagining his muscles acting out the movements. Slowking watched with mild trepidation as Nidoking's horns and hands began to glow with a faint blue aura. It was just absolutely perfect timing that his force field fell at that moment.
[Focus Energy: Nidoking, -3% Energy]

Nidoking's eyes snapped open and he let out a mighty roar. He leaped into the air, hurling his massive bulk heavenward before clapping his big claws together. His body began to spin, rotating at a frantically rapid pace. He fell back toward the earth, his spinning claws pointing right at Slowking. The Slowpoke evolution tried to run, but his fear rooted him to the spot. Nidoking's claws, still spinning like a drill, glanced off of his pink skin and opened up a very painful gash in his side. Nidoking then smote into the ground, uprooting all kinds of flowers and sending dirt clods flying in every direction. He then rose, plucking a snapdragon off of his horned head, and grinned cruelly at Slowking.
[Drill Run: Nidoking, -5% Energy; Slowking, -11% HP]

So, he wanted to be smug, eh? Slowking's face adopted a menacing frown. His eyes began to glow, flickering all colors of the rainbow. Before Nidoking's smirk could even disappear his body was glowing with a prismatic aura and he was floating ten feet in the air. Nidoking let out a roar that was as much protest at being suddenly flying as it was in stark terror. Slowking, however, was completely unsympathetic. He lifted a glowing hand and closed it into a fist, causing Nidoking intense mental pain. Then he began to throw Nidoking about, slamming his bulky body into the ground and the tree over and over until a faint headache started to build behind his wide eyes. Slowking then let Nidoking thud to the ground, crushing several flowers and berries on his way down. Nidoking staggered to his feet, pain and rage boiling through his blood.
[Psychic: Nidoking, -21% HP; Slowking, -8% Energy]


[-] Nidoking (M)
Ability: Rivalry
Health: 79%
Energy: 92%
Status: Wounded in both body and pride. [+1 ATK]


[-] Slowking (M)
Ability: Own Tempo
Health: 89%
Energy: 84%
Status: This just gets better and better.

Ref Notes
Drill Run's Accuracy Roll was 14; 1-95 for hit.
Drill Run's Crit Roll was 77; 1-33 for Crit.
Psychic's Crit Roll was 22; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Psychic's Effect Roll was 21; 1-10 for SDEF drop.
There are a couple of berries on the ground, thanks to Nidoking being smacked into the tree.

5TailedDemonLizard, your moves please.
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Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D

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