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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"That's great to hear." Kotomi said with a smile as she finished off the blood pouches.

"I'm gonna go up to bed, then." Ashley said as Aiden finally stepped away from the door. The rest of the group went upstairs then, leaving only Aiden and Kotomi remaining in the living room.

"I'm going to just go quickly change into a new pair of pajamas and then bring you some pillows and a blanket." The dark haired teen broke the slightly awkward silence after standing up and disposing of the two blood pouches, bringing the ginger to nod in response as she disappeared.

Now that he was actually paying attention to his surroundings, Aiden noticed that he was in the very boarding house that he used to walk by every day to get to the other side of town. He had always wondered if it was abandoned, since he had never sensed anyone’s presence inside of it, but at the same time he had somehow known that the house belonged - or had at one point - to Supernatural creatures. He’d never guessed that he would meet them and even end up staying with them one day. How quickly things could change…

Kotomi returned a few moments later in a purple and black striped tank top and black shorts, carrying two pillows and a dark blue blanket with her.

"There's a bar stocked with alcohol right over there if you want anything, and the bathroom is right down the hallway on your left at the first door. Also if you want any blood pouches then they're in a big freezer in the basement. Once you walk down the stairs the freezer is on the left as well." The dark haired teen said, giving out a yawn. "Also if you want water or anything from the fridge then the kitchen is right over there. Feel free to make yourself at home." She gave him a smile, which Aiden managed to return as he finally walked over to the couch while the younger Vampire turned toward the stairs. As he started to lay down on the couch, he heard her footsteps stop, bringing him to look up at her. "Thanks for saving me again, Aiden. Looks like I owe you." She gave him another smile, then disappearing up the stairs and leaving the ginger alone in the living room.

He gave a soft sigh, lying down on the couch and making himself comfortable. He had to admit he never expected any of this. But on the bright side, he had always been complaining that his life was boring… he certainly couldn’t say that now.

The next morning came quickly, the slight movement of the bed when Caroline slipped out helping to wake Kiseki from his nightmare. Just like Ichiru, he had had a dream about Klaus attacking Jeremy’s and Bonnie’s house. However, in his dream, almost all of his friends had been killed or injured when trying to save them as well.

It took him a moment to recover from the panic of the dream, but when he noticed Caroline missing, it came back instantly, bringing the dark haired Vampire to quickly get up and head downstairs, almost crashing into Ichiru in the hallway.

“Sorry…” He gave a soft sigh, relaxing when he saw Caroline downstairs with Ashley.

“What are you in such a rush for?” Ichiru asked, bringing his brother’s gaze back over to him.

“Last night I had a dream exactly like the one you told us about yesterday… Except in mine, almost everyone else was dead as well…”

Ichiru frowned at the response, looking at the floor for a moment. He had had the same dream again himself. With that they had found out yesterday, did this mean that it was more of a premonition?

“You can tell the others once we’re all together.” He finally spoke, turning back in the direction he was heading, which was Abigail’s and Scarlet’s room. Kiseki knew already that the older twin was going to check on the girls, giving a mere nod in response as he turned back toward the stairs.

Aiden Vampire woke up on the couch to see Caroline and Ashley near the door. It took him a moment to come to his senses, but once he did, he quickly sat up, thinking that it might be one of his siblings. However, when Caroline opened the door, a blonde haired male with blue eyes stood there instead.

“Hey, Caroline.” He greeted the female Vampire with a smile.

"It's good to see you, Kevin." Caroline responded, giving the older Vampire a tight hug as Kiseki came down the stairs. Aiden looked at the blonde Vampire in confusion, sensing that he was an Original as well, although just like with the others, he didn’t know who he was.

“Hey.” Kiseki recognized Kevin instantly, greeting the Vampire with a smile as he walked up beside Ashley. “What’s going on?”

OoC: Suckish post. ;_; I was going to write out Kiseki's dream, but in the end I couldn't think of anything. ><
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