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Default Re: Pokémon: Conifer [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
I never would have imagined it either xD You can thank those late-night muses... And his hair... (Seriously, what's with this Unovan trend?) LoL, but thank you! :D I'm getting super excited about this idea!!! ^^

Now when you say the RP starts on August 26th, do you mean that that's the time-frame of the RP setting, or... is this RP really not starting till then? ^^'

Also, just reserved? :o Did I miss something?
The RP will hopefully start well before August 26th in our world, but that's the date that the events of our story will begin. And as to why it's only a reserve, and you're not the only one in that boat, you need to craft two relationship's with the characters of other RPers. Hopefully this will create a more interconnected world than the usual mishmash of people meet for the first time.

Originally Posted by Sheepat View Post
You've netted me in. Please reserve me :P

Excellent, excellent. -Reserved-
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