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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Cassie Sheppard
Guardian Units of Nations
Entering Central City
those affected:
none yet

Metal and glass crunched underfoot. The Ranger stopped at the high point of the fallen wall she was crossing over and looked around, hands on her hips. Four floors of the building next to her seemed to hang in space without the wall she now stood on. Debris blocked the road everywhere, which was why she had to climb over. Not too far away there were crews -made up of humans and the new creatures who came with the collision of worlds- trying to clear the road for trucks to get through. Some others were checking broken machines and vehicles, probably looking for anything still functional. Other than that, the area seemed to have been abandoned. Smoke could be seen rising from other parts of the city, but not as much as they had seen earlier. The young woman scratched her head.

“Well, I guess you were right. Trouble cleared out before we got here. At least we’ve seen part of the city doesn’t look like this.” Cassie turned around, as if she had heard someone call. “What’s up, BJ?”

A canine-like Pokemon, nearly the same height as the short human, was standing behind her. His attention though was focused on the building next to them. Cassie tilted her head a bit, shrugged, then turned toward the crews ahead of them. Putting thumb and finger to her mouth, she let out a sharp whistle that caught the attention of the nearest group.

Jerking her head at the building, she called over, “Can a couple of you guys give me a hand over here? My partner found something.” The ones that heard her looked at each other in confusion till she called again. “Would you mind putting a move on before something decides to fall and make things more difficult?”

The crew leader motioned at three others to go see what she needed. A tiger, a lizard, and a man in blue coveralls came over. The lizard was dark red and his tongue snaked out a bit unbidden as he asked what was going on. When Cassie said there was someone inside, they all looked skeptical. That building had been checked and no one had seen the Ranger or her Pokemon enter the building. So how did they know anyone was still inside?

“Guess it’s safe to say you haven’t heard of Lucario yet,” she said with a shrug.

The man looked over at the Pokemon already walking towards the open structure. “He found someone?” When Cassie nodded, he immediately called over to the crew leader for extra help before looking at the tiger and lizard with him. “We can take her word for it. If a Lucario can sense someone, then someone must be there.”

Cassie turned to follow her partner, but saw that he had already leapt up to the second floor. With a slight sigh and a moment to find a suitable route, she began climbing a skeleton of pipe exposed when the brick crumbled. Not far into the building, it was obvious that part of the third floor had started to collapse onto the second. Cassie was looking for a way around the sunken area when BJ lunged forward and both paws made contact with ceiling. The Force Palm broke through, exposing a gap between two air ducts. The red lizard hissed slightly at the sudden action.

“Are you trying to bring down the ceiling on uss?”

Glancing at her partner, Cassie walked ahead through the clear space. “I’ll never get how you think a straight line is always easier.”

This earned a quick smile and a shrug from the Lucario. The collapsed third level was a mess. BJ kept going toward the back of the building. Where the floor above had broken, part of the second floor was now a yawning hole. It was from there that they heard a very soft sound. They may not have heard at all had they not been so close. Blocked in behind the debris from the collapse above was a young cat. She had been hiding in a closet, was covered in dust, and crying. They called down to her and the group who had followed Cassie and BJ quickly got to work. Carefully shifting a ladder the others brought down into the opening, the tiger started in after her. Extra weight on the weakened area caused the second floor to groan and shake. The girl shrieked and pulled back as dust and pieces fell around her. BJ was immediately on the lower level, a long bone-shaped staff of solid Aura appearing in his paws that he wedged under the crumbling ceiling while everyone above froze where they were until the floor was still.

“Alright, I think that anyone who does not have to be right here should quickly and carefully back up.”

Only the tiger still on the ladder and the red lizard holding it steady stayed where they were. Everyone else heeded Cassie’s advice and backed away. Once the floor stopped groaning, the tiger hurried down the ladder. Picking up the little cat, who latched on to his neck, he started back up. A low rumble passed through the building.

He glanced around at BJ, still keeping the ceiling from caving. “Are you coming, my friend?”

The Lucario nodded once before jerking his head upwards that they should keep going. The crew had just gone back through the opening BJ had made in the collapsed floor when something behind them creaked and more of the floor gave way onto the lower lever. Cassie looked back, worried for a moment as a plume of dust blew out through the gap. But another moment later, she was shaking her head as BJ walked through.

“You really thought the crew needed their ladder back?” Her only reply was another shrug.

Back out in the open, most of the crew returned to their work, with their ladder. The tiger still had the young cat attached to his neck.

“I’ll take this little lady to the evacuation point to find her family. Thank you for finding her.”

Cassie smiled as she brushed dust off her jacket. “Hey, thanks for coming to help. We’ve got to get back on task though.” The crew waved as she and BJ and walked by. “Guess we’ll see what happens when we get there. Should be a little further into the city.”

BJ nodded as he followed quietly alongside.

note: Intro's are hard. My fault for being late to the party though. =P
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