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Default Re: [WAR XI] Guardian Units of Nations (One Slot Open)

Originally Posted by Neo Emolga View Post
After giving it some thought, I've decided to resign from GUN.

Truth is, yes, Bron did encourage me to join the PE2K WAR RP again even though originally I had no interest in it or coming back to PE2K for that matter. He's persistent and genuinely tried to get me to reconsider my initial rejection, but still gave me the choice and said he would respect me either way. He finally had a chance to role play again with me after years of having connection issues, and he encouraged me to join him on GUN to have a chance to RP together with his friends Grassy and Metal after many years of missing that opportunity. So, I decided to give it one last chance, originally looking forward to role playing with a few new people and trying something fresh and different with a new type of crossover RP, even though I'm honestly not a Sonic fan.

Long story short, that's totally dead now.

Sure, I don't agree with the things he did. He did fabricate things, he did make poor excuses, and yes, he's an awful negotiator and totally fumbles under pressure, though he does have plenty of good qualities that get overlooked quite often. Regardless I don't agree with the way things were handled on the opposite end either. In the real people scope of all things, this is still just a role play, and there was no need to take things this far to the point where friendships were shattered and crushed over simple, fictional things. Things are being taken way too seriously over this and well beyond the context of the RP itself. I feel it's better to just back off before it gets even worse and I find myself in further confrontations like I have been in already. Role playing is supposed to be fun, simple, and be a casual and creative way to get imaginative and immersive. How did it ever get to be like this?

I'll still be around to judge Graphic Art since I promised to do that (and I know it's a bitter hell for WAR Leaders to find replacements judges having had to deal with it myself in the past), but I just don't feel comfortable with this whole thing anymore.

you seem like you need to cheer up
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